The best kind of apps are normally the ones that you can just pick up and play whenever you want to.  Here are some classic games to consider that are easy to play but quite hard to master and can give you a lot of fun even if you only have a quick 10 minutes to kill whilst on the go.

Anthill – Tactical Trail Defense

This excellent game offers a combination of real-time strategy and tower defence. The plot is very simple, you take control of a variety of friendly formicidae who all work together to gather food and destroy enemy bugs in order to preserve your anthill. The skill is in creating the right balance of workers and combat troops and at times it can get very hectic but it works really well on the iOS platform and is a very cheap download via iTunes.

Oh! Edo Towns

This is an addictive mix of retro gameplay and graphics that will have you engrossed for many hours. The game consists of putting you in charge of building villages in Japan, in a similar way to Sim City but without the complexity of  building zone laying. The game saves and loads quickly which makes it a good pick to play on the go. It is another relatively cheap download via iTunes to consider that will give you good value for your money.

The Nightjar

In this game you play the last crew member of a spacecraft which is about to spiral into a black hole. The concept and storyline is basic but the gameplay is interesting as you are immersed in total darkness and have to use sound clause to navigate your way to safety. The concept and surroundings with subtle suggestions that you are “Not Alone” on the ship make for a sometimes tense gaming experience when you immerse yourself in the game and as it is normally available as a free download, what is there to complain about ?

Angry Birds Space

Staying on the space theme, Rovio’s latest venture takes the highly successful angry birds and the green pigs to another dimension. There are 30 levels to conquer and as you might expect, the gameplay is addictive and has a similar feel to previous angry birds games, the fun aspect of this download is the fact that gravity has been added and you have to factor this challenge into your strategy ,as it affects the trajectory of the birds and the gravitational pull of the planets and the moons. Certainly worth the modest download fee all things considered.

Cut The Rope – Experiments

Just like the original cut the rope game, the objective is to get as many sweets as possible into the mouth of your Om Nom. Rope cutting is of course the key element of the game and added features from the original game include a rope gun and suction cup holder that give you more direct control but make the new version a bit harder to play . Still worth downloading as it is a lot of fun and a good challenge.

Guest post contributed by Jane Spencer, a techie and gaming enthusiast who writes on behalf of  Casino Mate