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Insightly Overview, Review & Alternatives 2014



Insightly is a recognized name in the domain of CRM software. It facilitates the user to perform various CRM based tasks such as customer, sales and marketing management, importing organizations, and creating notes, events and users from one place. It has a simplified user interface, smart reporting mechanism, useful help resources, social and media/email integration. This software is mainly designed for the small enterprises, but caters to bigger ones as well.


Features of Insightly

Simplified Management: Insightly is designed on a user friendly framework, which brings ease to its administration. You can access all of your business activities from one page, namely the “Dashboard”. Be it importing contacts, creating projects or sales management, it helps you track everything within no time.

Quick and easy integration with e-mail and other office applications: It is hard to overlook the significance of emails and office applications in any business domain. The application is fully compatible with all the major applications, which helps it to score on the time saving aspect. Its fast data search feature allows you to quickly locate your desired items in every data form including contact details, e-mails or other files.

Enhanced Reporting: Its newly created reporting features are extremely beneficial for the users, who are in the reporting profile. This feature not only facilitates you to monitor all your business activities, but also helps you accelerate the quality of your services. It lets you view the reports pertaining to:

1. The reasons for not staying ahead of your competitors
2. The proposed and ongoing sales opportunities in your business
3. The individuals, who closed most of the sales in a quarter/year
4. The conglomerate (s) that are contributing the most to your revenue

The reports can be filtered monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and you can also view the number of records displayed on the screen. The reports can be accessed by clicking a multi-colored bar graph icon, situated on the top right corner of the Insightly screen that appears after you login.

Project Management: Its powerful project management feature can help you create tasks, events, and milestones within no time. It certainly helps you manage your projects successfully.

Data Security:The software is powered with features like disaster recovery management, bank-grade encryption, secure off-site storage, and daily backups, which keeps all the data security related nuisances at bay.


Insightly plans can be downloaded for free, and do not require setup fees, upgrade fees, per-user fees, cancellation fees or any contract. Paid plans comprise some more features including MailChimp integration, custom branding, and API access, which start from $7 per user/month. Being a user, you are entitled to avail unlimited customer support via email.

Alternatives of Insightly



Salesforce popularized the SaaS CRM market and is one of the largest providers of SAAS based CRM in the world. Salesforce has matured to compete with giants such as SAP and Oracle. Salesforce also has one of the best app stores with enormous integration options. Salesforce has been equally successful in tapping the enterprise and SMB marketplace whereas SAP and Oracle recently began giving attention to the SMB marketplace.


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Zoho CRM

If it’s about the synthesis of cost effectiveness and performance then Zoho CRM certainly stands out. It facilitates you to flawlessly manage your business effectively by simplifying your sales, inventory, marketing strategies, customer support, and report analysis. It lets you import excel, CSV, and VCF files in a quick way, which enables you to convert the leads into sales.


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Infusionsoft is a complete CRM solution, which is specifically crafted for small as well as mid-sized conglomerates. It has been majorly used by various domains such as manufacturing, media, publishing, wholesale distribution, retail, etc. This CRM software enables you to customize your dashboard, user interfaces and forms.


SugarCRM has features like data import and export to and from the application, e-mail integration and invoice management. SugarCRM enables you to change page designs through a drag-and-drop tool. You can also establish new work-flows by editing work modules in this software. It also gives you the choice of having your own cloud service provider without any extra charges.

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