Crushing, thrashing and brutally wrecking all other technology tools, Google seems to be making its way as the best technological device alive on earth. Who believes in rumors? Surely no one does, but when these rumors connect to gadgets, one cannot stop searching about it on the internet. Rumors are after the lack of 3G connectivity in Nexus 7 tablet that was released in June, Google is all set to zip up everybody’s mouth by unleashing 3G Nexus 7 within 6 weeks.


Yes, you read it right, Google is said to be releasing Nexus 7 with a 3G facility, indeed making it more user-friendly, compatible and appealing. According to O’Brien at MoDaCo, Asus (Google’s manufacturing partner) is geared up and is putting all their efforts in preparing the 3G device.

Even after lacking in 3G facility, Nexus 7 tablet had a quite high sale. Moreover analysts predicted that the company could manage to sell up to 8 million units by the end of this year, surpassing the numbers that the search engine giant predicted.

“Nothing to announce at this time.” were the words said by Google in their comments when approached. This news seems to be hitting at the right time as Amazon, Lenovo and Apple recently revealed that they too will be releasing devices shortly to defeat Nexus 7. Rumors are that Amazon’s kindle fire will be having 3G connectivity, making it a strong competitor of Nexus 7. Lenovo’s idea tab 7-inch device would also cater 3G facility, and Apple is announcing its own 7-inch mini iPad soon.

Wow! What a war that would be! Hope this news turns out to be true as it would definitely be exciting for us to read.