Running a business all alone and staying on the top of the competitors is not that easy as it seems. Grabbing new clients for your business while harmonizing with the employees is not a fun game. A team of people is required to establish and organize your brand in the market through social media and other mediums. You need to manage all the things in an efficient way, for which TeamWox promises to make all your management tasks hassle-free. It is an online software designed to streamline your business issues like Team and Task management, Document Workflow, CRM, HelpDesk, Email Client, Live Chat, IP PBX and Social tools.

A Brief About TeamWox

TeamWox is an online team collaboration software that helps to build up an effective teamwork and stimulate the management decision-making process based on timely and reliable information. This software allows you to increase the efficiency of your working team and its productivity, reducing the overall expenses of the business.


This web-based collaborative software displays in a tab-based layout, providing easy access to the people. The best thing that we liked is that the administrator can customize the display options of the tabs among various groups and users. Each tab can be customized by the administrator.

Some of its Main Features are:

1. Collaboration & Voice Communication

TeamWox online software offers internal as well as external phone calls via IP PBX module. The best thing which we liked is that you can connect to anybody through VoIP service or your current phone provider in no time. Also the internal calls can be made at No cost, while external calls (even international) can be made at very low cost.

2. HRM, Team management & Payroll

This module is available for personnel management that includes all the employee details and information about the teams in the company. All the HR tasks can be handled by this collaboration software, such as maintaining the time sheets, managing payrolls, etc.

3. CRM, Service Desk & Online Assistant can be integrated into websites

Organizing the database of customers and contacts is a tedious task for the managers. TeamWox makes all the information handy for you, whether you require documents or any contact information of your customers. Full consolidated database about the customers and their contact details can be maintained easily at one place.

The same can serve you as a helpdesk to the clients, wherein you can add different categories for different products. You can render the customer support services as a team to your clients. Live chat is another way to stay connected with the clients and solve their queries in no time. TeamWox Groupware offers a built-in chat tool to maintain communication within your employees. This is one of the convenient way to provide all kind of help to the customers.

4. Working with tasks, docs, emails, media files, mind maps

Assigning of tasks to the employees is just so easy with this online collaboration system. Being a manager, you can set a task, assign various responsibilities and keep a watch on them. Carrying out discussions, sending various media files among the employees can be done quickly and efficiently.

What to Pay?

When we talk about pricing, it is a bare minimum for the users carrying out large organizations. They charge $15 per user/month, also they offer 2 months free trial (SaaS).

TeamWox groupware is free of charge for small businesses having less than 10 people, $3400 for up to 25 users and $6700 for up to 50 users. Also they offer an On-Premises version for unlimited users for $10000. If you are looking for a reliable business management software, then the special pricing plans of TeamWox is what you need. You might find these paid versions to be quite expensive, but their services are worth spending this much to streamline your business.

To Sum Up

From the amazing features and modules in this online software, all we can say is that TeamWox is a full-fledged solution for all your business needs to organize things in the best possible way. As the TeamWox people say, it’s a collaborative software, they actually mean it. The initial setup could be little tiring, but once it is all set, it works wonders.

We highly recommend this collaboration software by TeamWox, especially for small and medium-sized organizations who are in search of some warehouse for their documents and management of various business activities.