An estimate of 100 million people alive on this planet, are owning a smartphone. With smartphones reaching heights, Android seems to be walking on its footprints. A recent study of Ericsson’s ConsumerLab reveals that the Smartphone market of Southeast Asia seems to be dominated by Google’s Android operating device.

In Southeast Asia, people are falling for android more, than any other operating system. With a recent survey held in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, 31 percent of smartphones were found to be running successfully on Android badly thrashing Apple’s iOS with a round about of 19 percent leaving the remaining shares to be filled by Blackberry, Symbian and Windows phone.

But this is not the end, with Android taking a heap of success in Southeast Asia, other countries seem to be opposing the trend. Singapore seems to be hiking on iOS with 46 percent along with the increase in number of Apple too, whereas android sticking far behind with 29 percent.

On the other side, the almost forgotten Nokia’s Symbian still persists its presence in Vietnam leading with 26 percent ahead of Android and iOS that shares the same percent at 21.

The Gfk data examined and confirmed that Android alone is accountable for half the sale of smartphones across Southeast Asia. If we talk about past, the same data had predicted that in 2012 Android will see a huge jump of about 1000 percent. Another study revealed by Ericsson’s Consumerlab speculates that with the increased use of applications like Whatsapp, Line, etc. that allows easy communication within reasonable price, people are tending to go for hi-tech phones.

Not only the percentages, but the survey of data also shows that smartphones – Android to be precise, is increasingly grabbing the Southeast Asian market with a bang.