Wish Google a very happy birthday as, the search engine giant celebrates its 14th birthday today (27th September) with an animated chocolate cake as its doodle. Google used to celebrate its birthday on September 7 ( as the company was incorporated that day) till 2005, then Google changed the date to September 27. Google users always see Google celebrating the birthdays of every other famous personality be it, artists, scientists, cricketers or actors. Today, Google users will see Google celebrating its own birthday with a captivating doodle.

Every time Google celebrates its birthday with a cute doodle, last year on its 13th birthday also it had a fascinating doodle, and this time it is an animated doodle. The Doodle displays a chocolate cake with 14 candles, denoting 14th birthday of Google, the cake was then disappeared and replaced with the word ‘Google’ with blue, red, green and yellow colors. And if you see properly, the space left between the word Google in brown color denotes ‘People’.

On the other hand, Wall Street seems to reward Google by increasing its share price, which means this summer, Google will enjoy a higher market share than the previous year. And in return, Google wrote on its blog,

“As Google turns 14 this month, we’re celebrating this creative spirit and officially launching Google for Entrepreneurs, the umbrella for our several dozen programs and partnerships around the world to support startups and entrepreneurs. To celebrate both our birthday and the spirit of entrepreneurship that has helped getting the position where we are today, we are hosting our first annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week, which will bring together more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and Googlers around the world.”

Looks like Google is celebrating its birthday with a Bang!!