Since the launch of Apple iPhone 5, there is a lot of buzz about the Apple’s Maps app on the social media platforms.

In order to analyze all these negative words spreading about the Maps app, Twitter analysis firm-Crimson Hexagon gathered more than 50,000 tweets over the last 6 days of this much talked about standard app on iPhone 5 and here are the results.


In the survey, only 10% of the tweets gave approval by showing interest and excitement about the app, like this one from pastor Charlie Campbell:

“I was a little nervous about losing Google maps … but I must say I like Apple’s maps even better.”

Further the analysis also showed that around 22% users rejected the app, as they showed absolute hatred for the new Maps and want the Google Maps back on their iPhones. Another 30% tweets were cracking jokes at the cost of the app, Check out this funny tweet from entrepreneur Chris Eh Young:

“If you ordered an iPhone 5, shipments are being delayed. Apple is forcing the delivery guys to use Apple Maps.”

Rest of the tweets are neutral that are just sharing news, stories and update about the Maps. Crimson Hexagon concluded through these stats:


Positive tweets about iPhone5 is declining at a fast pace as it fell from 38% to 30% , while negative tweets saw continuous rise from 11% to 20%. Around 12% of negative tweets about the iphone mentioned the Maps making it the biggest flaw of iPhone 5.

So, give us your view in the comment section. Whether the cynical Maps chatter is likely to increase or die in future?