Search Engine Giant Google is celebrating its 13 years of existence with its routinely straightforward manner with a doodle illustrating the 5 letters of the company logo sitting around a Birthday cake.

The day was September 4, 1998 when two juvenile men named Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced something amazing which soon turned out to be a domestic name all over the world something. Yes, September 4, 1998 was the day when Google came into existence that made lives much simpler and faster than ever before!

With the Google hardly out of short trousers, the birthday celebrations come at a time when it is locked in a progressively more strong competition with an even younger opponent named Facebook.

Amid proposed that Facebook could turn out to be the default form of online navigation, Google recently attempted to refurbish its competitor by launching Google+ 3months ago. Nielsen carried out a Survey earlier this month which illustrated that internet users of United States spend most of their time on Facebook rather than spending their time on any other website. At the same time, Google enjoys around 90% share of the universal internet search market, as per the most current figures from StatsCounter (metrics firm), though its market share differs significantly from country to country.

From a decade, Google emerges out to be an undoubted search engine market king with around 90 percent stake. Google’s has kept a low-key approach in its Doodle for celebrating its birthday. Contrasting other doodles, Google has not included any animated feature and is based instead on a straightforward design.