Google declared on Twitter that in November 2020, it introduced an update to Google Image Search. Google’s update lessens duplicate results in the image search.

This is what the tech giant has mentioned, “We made an improvement to Image Search to reduce duplicate images so that we can display others that are relevant yet visually distinct.”

Also, Google has mentioned the images it displays are visually different from one another, giving a more distinct collection of suitable images for your question.

Here a few screenshots Google implanted to communicate the differences:

Google SearchLiaison

What is More in the Announcement?

Google declared in its statement that this went live in November 2020, “we hope this improvement, which we introduced in November, helps everyone better make use of Google Images to be inspired and informed as they search visually.”

In case your site gets several Google Image Search traffic, it is reasonable to look at your analytics to November to view if there were any valuable modifications to the image search traffic.

Google appended that it made changes to the categories and images it utilizes for other meanings of words. The clear example Google offered was the jaguar. It can be the car manufacturer, sports team, animal, or others.

Earlier, Google integrated a menu to allow you to filter based on those alternate definitions and better slim down the search outcomes to what you are searching for.

Why Should You Know About This?

If your website relies on Google Images for traffic, you might have already discerned modifications to your traffic back in November. Both ways, this upgradation is from some months ago, and the company (Google) is now just declaring that it went live. Indeed, you managed well with this update.

Google released it to give a better set of multiple images for searchers at the time they utilize Google Image Search.

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