The surge in mobile app development has transformed a lot of sectors and in fact most are experiencing robust gains after the introduction of the high-performing smartphones into the market. We already have smartphone apps for detecting cancer, eye, urine, illness symptoms, etc. The latest to join the bandwagon is the iPhone app, which combined with a few parameters can be transformed to a biomedical lab with ease. The system has been named as app-based “Spectrophotometer.” I realize it may sound odd to many; but, practically it is very possible. Well, let’s see how this can be performed and how beneficial it would be for fast testing and delivering results.

Who raised this idea and implemented?

Well, before examining the aspects of the iPhone transformed into medical lab, it becomes a must to equip some knowledge on who tried it and found successful. So, here you are with the information. It is University of Illinois Researchers that has come up with this brilliant idea. How it works and what elements it can test would be the next question! Let’s discuss them right here. In general, it not only uses iPhone and its app but also a biosensor technology which is incorporated in a cradle. Well, on using this nifty setup, one could examine toxins, proteins, viruses, and other biological material. Besides, running field tests is also possible. Doesn’t that sound great! I bet it would be.

How it can benefit medical labs?

The biggest advantage of implementing this system in your lab can be highly helpful in cutting down the cost to a great extent. For instance, the less cost spectrophotometer devised via iPhone app setup can compete admirably with the high-cost spectrophotometer of worth $50,000 elegantly. Just imagine you could save a great deal of money as well as time. The geocoding option embedded in the setup can benefit you more while transferring data captured as well.

How it eases down clinical practice?

Everyone knows how tough clinical practices can be. However, the arrival of plenty of innovative apps in the market has completely transformed the clinical practice performances. The difficulties and cost invested in the clinical practices have completely dropped down and the entire practices have been made extremely soothing and easy. Biodetection is proved to be daunting task and using the app-based spectrophotometer the process becomes absolutely simple.

How it simplifies transportability?

Another interesting factor that benefits most lab assistants in clinics is the portability and transportability option carried by smartphones. The portable nature of these compact devices has helped many physicians and lab assistants to treat patients with elegance. In fact, physicians always have a role to move from one place to another and transporting the smartphone-based equipment can be pretty simple; also, it helps move faster from one patient to another.


From the above discussion, it is apparent that transforming the smartphones to medical labs is quite possible and in fact, most labs might have started to implement this technique to quicken the medical results. So, the patients may expect some quick lab results; thanks to the advancement in the mobile app technology.