Google yesterday declared the release of first beta version of its Dart SDK and editor with more improvements in performance and efficiency across the platform. The latest version of Dart can be downloaded from

With this update, the company said that from now onwards, significantly smaller JavaScript code can be produced at faster rate through the SDK and would make it easier for Dart developers to install their code. The Dart editor now comes with an analysis engine which makes it work 20% faster at analyzing and parsing the code. Moreover, there will be no need to run all the unit tests just to determine if there is any typographical error as new Dart editor monitors every code which a developer type.

See it in action below:


A smarter code completion feature has also been included in the Dart editor. For example ‘camel case aware’ removes unused non-compulsory parameters spontaneously after the completion of template editing and comprises a number of other enrichments as well. The Dart team also says that it has greatly improved WebGL performance in Dartium, Google’s special build of Chrome with the built-in Dart VM.

Dart Editor also includes the following supplementary features:

  • “Rename Library” refactoring.
  • “Convert Method to Getter” and “Convert Getter to Method” refactorings.
  • “Import Library” quick fix.
  • “Create Class” and “Create part” quick fixes.

You can find the full release notes here.

Google says that Dart VM is now functioning 40% faster at performing specific benchmarks as compared to earlier M4 release. Moreover, the code that is compiled to javascript is now running at 20% faster rate. The Dart team members also stated that they have significantly enhanced WebGL performance in Dartium, which is a Google’s special build of Chrome browser with an incorporated DartVM.

For those who are not aware of Dart, it is a Google’s open-source Web programming language whose main objective is to substitute JavaScript – no precisely something can take place in one night. Meanwhile, the search engine giant is looking for the contents to offer better efficiency, more safety features, and gradually developing its substitute to make it simpler for developers to manage a budding application.