Google announced its partnership with Starbucks on Google+ yesterday which will offer free WiFi service and the facility for customers at Starbucks localities to listen and download unlimited songs, radio and much more from Google’s newly launched AllAccess music service that was introduced at its developer conference.

In a posting on its Google+ , the company said that the customers at Starbucks locations will have complete access to Google Play’s library of songs as they sip away on their liquid refreshment.

Google’s new music streaming service will only be accessible within US only and we are assuming that this new promotion will be limited to the Starbucks’s locations in US only. What is still not known that how long the search engine giant going to run this promotion campaign? During this promotion, customers can enjoy unlimited music for free of cost for 30-days trial period and after that they need to pay USD 7.99/month in case if they signup before June 30th.

It is quite surprising that Google has agreed to pay for Wi-Fi at Starbucks locations but after all a free thanks to a contract with AT&T. But in the backend, most probably somebody was compensating for all the bandwidth. In this case, Google seems to have taken monetary load in a sponsorship capacity.

Of-course, the page at which customers will land when they successfully logon using Wi-Fi at Starbuck’s location, will get a great amount of traffic, so it couldn’t be denied that Google might think of adding a giant banner to appear.

This deal with Starbucks is a bit of blow to iPhone maker as well. After all, Starbucks struck a deal with Apple back in 2007 to let its users to access and enjoy the music from its iTunes music store using the Wireless connection. Of course, it’s on the fixes of Apple’s unveiling of its iTunes Radio station at its Worldwide Developer Conference to confront Pandora and Spotify.