There can be a thought that Apple may be an easy and smart choice for laptop selection. Few agree on this but mostly do not. Many people care for the increased prices of laptops. A person having almost $1400 may start looking at both MacBook air and MacBook pro. However, all MacBooks are fair choices for IT persons yet 13 inch Probooks are still more preferred by most of the people as compared to Air versions. The reason for this is the strategy, which Apple adopts. Apple never sells laptops or electronics on basis of specifications but they do make their sales on basis of usability, user demands, and technology pull. Let us have a detailed comparison between the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

Size and Weight

If you are in a mood to purchase very small device, MacBook Air will suit you the best. There is no available Pro model, which may offer you this small size. MacBook pro is famous for being wide and tall. It is 13 Inches in size and adds more than a pound of weight. Keep in mind that though Air is smaller and is of 11 inches in size yet it can be uneasy for use sometimes.


Battery life is of prime importance in any mobile or electronic device. Again, MacBook Air loses here. Apple explains that Air offers up to maximum 5 hours battery lifetime on wireless browsing and all battery will be eaten very early if you stream for high HD movies or videos. This is the major flaw of MacBook Air.

On the contrary, 15 inches MacBook Pro offers more than seven hours life time of battery. This means that users can access browsers and videos for more than seven hours continuously without any hassle. The battery may suck if you do lots of gaming because both books fail to provide high definition gaming services to the users.


Both MacBooks make best use of Intel Core processors but types of processors vary in both books. Macbook Air depends on Intel Ultra-Low voltage, which provides users with 1.8 GHz processing power. On the other hand, MacBook Pro initially comes with 2.5 GHz processor to offer maximum processing speed and higher efficiency.

However, the most interesting thing about both processors is that users never feel speed and processing. Do you know why? This is because Intel facilitates its valuable users with Turbo Boost feature. This feature never allows users to feel the slow processing speed and users using Pro or Air feel no difference. Using this feature, low-voltage processing speed becomes almost equal to clock speed of Macbook Pro.


Macboook Pro offers least attractive display as compared to Air. Especially for a resolution of 12800X800, Pro is not good enough. On the other hand, MacBook Air beats Pro in display over here by providing awesome display quality on 1366X788 resolutions with superb pixels density. It provides maximum pixels and sharp images. Moreover, best color accuracy and contrast is provided by Air. For making display of Pro better or equivalent to Air, you will be spending $1000 or more.


MacBook Pro offers USB 3.0 feature along with awesome ThunderBolt, Firewire, Ethernet, audio-Out, and audio-In. Moreover, HDMI ports and few other ports are also widely available in Pro. On the other hand, Air has port shortage. It offers only two USB 3.0 ports and a single headphone jack. However, no place for card reader is available and many issues are there for camera users too.

To sum it all up, on basis of above-mentioned comparisons, we have concluded that MacBook Pro suits to users more as compared to Air. Though you need to spend money more than before, yet, you will never be disappointed. MacBook Pro beats Air in number of areas and is finally recommended by lots of IT experts as compared to any other book.

Last but not the last; two things always matter whenever you enter shop for purchasing any book i.e. size and book-type. If your budget allows, you must go for 15 Inches Pro book but if your budget is quite limited, you may go for 13 Inches Pro book or Air book with less screen size. Choice is yours!

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This guest post is written by Muhammad Azam who is a technology blogger. Azam loves to write on technology related topics such as Macbook air features, Samsung s4 and other latest gadgets. He also writes for Protect Your Bubble UK which also provides insurance on laptops, Smartphone and on other gadgets.