According to the tech giant, quite a few of these webpages highlight a dark theme as far as the system webpages are concerned. At the beginning of the year, Google introduced the dark mode feature in its Search application on iOS, as well as Android platforms. Now, the organization is rolling out dark mode to perform a search on the web.

Reports by 9To5 Google stated that the company has begun A/B testing dark mode features for Search on desktop web.

Till now, when you look for anything on Google, you view a white background with text black in color, whereas the highlights, including the name of a site, look in Blue.

The dark is mode tested now and here the white background is substituted for a dark gray background, which is alike what you already have seen in several Android applications. The highlights will continue to appear in Blue and the content, which previously appears in Black like links and names, appears in Grey’s light tone in the dark mode.

Moreover, the multi-colored logo of Google displays on the left corner of Search shows in White. The Search and the Microphone icons, on the other hand, continue unchanged.

The icons showcasing a lot of filters, including Images, News, Videos, and more, remain unaltered. They look Grey in both the dark and the light modes.

For the desktop webpages, the organization says that some of these webpages highlight a dark theme. Here are a few from the list, YouTube, Google Keep, and YouTube Music.

Finally, this feature is going to be in the testing phase and therefore available to a few bunches of users. Thus, you should not bother if you are not able to view a setting to access this feature so far.

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