PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the widely used web development techniques in today’s world. Here, a business gets the opportunity of designing a website from scratch and making use of WordPress to manage it. WordPress is the most preferred content management system in the world and is highly user-friendly and scalable. From an e-commerce store to a corporate blog, you can make use of this web development technique to meet all your business needs. Now many of you can make use of Photoshop and design a website of your choice giving it your personal touch. But how do you convert it into a web compatible HTML/CSS format and integrate into WordPress?

Thankfully, there is an online service which converts PSD files into a working WordPress website. CodeinWp acts as the perfect online tool for PSD to WordPress conversions. The conversion is done following the latest standards in the industry and the WordPress site shall be W3C complaint and cross browser compatible to garner maximum users to the website.

How They Work?

It is very easy to use, all you will need to do is create a PSD for your website and upload into the CodeinWp website via an order form. Here, you need to choose between two kinds of conversion namely XHTML 1.0/CSS 2.1 and HTML5/CSS3. These are priced at $149 and $199 respectively. Apart from this, you can also order add-on services such as Mobile Device Compatibility, SEO Semantic Coding and Commented HTML/CSS among others which will be counted as additional extras on your package. Once you have selected the services that you are looking for, you need to make the payment. After payment is made the team will work on the theme and once this is done you will get the read-to-deploy WordPress theme via email.

What They Offer?

The CodeinWp team comprises of expert developers who have experience in converting WordPress themes from psd files. Over the years the team had converted various PSD images into different kinds of WordPress sites ranging from e-commerce to community networks. They follow the market standards in converting to ensure that the sites pass the W3C compatibility tests and are cross browser compatible. The team employs clean coding techniques that make the website rank high on the SERP.

Once the team receives the PSD file they analyze the files and read the requirements of the project in detail. In the next stage, they slice the files with care separating the different sections of the website into separate images. After the slicing process, the files are converted into HTML/XHTML and CSS following standard coding techniques. To ensure better performance of the website, coding in done manually as it prevents unnecessary codes from being generated. In the last step, the HTML and CSS files are integrated into WordPress admin to create a web compatible theme out of a PSD file.

Pixel Perfect WordPress Theme

CodeinWp offers pixel perfect WordPress conversion. If you are wondering what is meant by this, it is nothing but a conversion technique where the WordPress theme resembles the PSD file to the last pixel. This can be achieved only by experts who carry out the slicing and coding process with utmost care. Even a small error anywhere in the process can spoil the visual appearance of the website thereby denying you the power to grab attention of the visitors with your website.


If you are still in dilemma about the skills and expertise of the developers at CodeinWp, a glimpse of their portfolio will rest all your doubts. You will come across different genres of websites from all over the world who have had great experience with their services.

Final Word

If you are looking for a professional agency which will shape your PSD files into reality; CodeinWp is the perfect partner for you. They are transparent with their pricing and plans and offer you high-quality conversion services. Apart from the conversion service, they also offer you excellent support services which comes in handy if you are new to the world of using a content management system.