The Internet is full of dangers that are often hard to spot. With the number of viruses, identity thieves, and online predators lurking around, it’s a necessity to have good protection software downloaded on your computer. Keeping you protected while browsing the web is the goal of Norton 360, the popular software product created by Symantec. With new updates that give customers the ultimate security experience, you can remain protected in all aspects of Internet activity, keeping your computer running fast and clear of threats.

While using Norton 360 with the new Windows 8 operating system, your computer and Internet connection will not suffer from slow speeds. You will not have to sacrifice performance to keep your system safe, and you can go about all of your daily computer tasks and work, both online and offline, without worrying about the safety and protection of your information. You will be warned of unsafe websites, suspicious activity, malicious files, scams, viruses, and more. Potentially risky files will be scanned, while these and entire system scans are guaranteed the fastest of all security software products on the market.

If you do notice a difference in your computer speed, it is most likely because of an application you downloaded, although it could potentially be a virus. Norton 360 will let you know either way – it will identify the problem and alert you to it. Regular updates will protect your computer against the latest threats, ensuring that you are protected against new and old threats without slowing down your computer and taking up a lot of your computer’s memory and other resources. Do not waste time in buying Norton 360 for your computer. Go to to make your purchase.