2012 was the year of the SmartPhone Battle and 2013 will be larger than expected. Apple and Samsung, the two technology giants are at loggerheads and it’s an unending battle that increases with every new introduction. With the launch of Galaxy S3, Samsung has taken it to a different level, altogether. Apple’s devices have been the cream of the SmartPhone market since 2007 and have seldom fallen short of the expectations. The iPhone has been in existence for five years now and every year has witnessed a new model being launched for the consumers.

Apple has always hit the bull’s eye when it comes to delivering to its esteemed clients and shareholders. Competitors came and went, but few could match up to the technology that the giant had introduced. Imitating their products and delivering the same trust that Apple had dominated in the market which was tough to beat.

But, recently, Apple’s flagship OS, the iOS has been lacking the zeal to outperform and is thus not exciting as well. This has all been caused by the rise of the South-Korean giant, Samsung. Giving sleepless nights to Apple, Samsung is all motivated to take away the supremacy from the Silicon Valley giant.

With the introduction of its Galaxy series of innovative SmartPhones, Samsung has been roaring hard at Apple. Features that are included in the Galaxy series handsets are valuable and are yet to make a mark in the iPhone5. The marketing tactics of Samsung are way far better than Apple and it loses no ploy of making antics as well.

Below is illustrated an infographic by MBAonline that throws an insight into the statistical battle between the two giants.