All available browsers have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the task that is to be performed. Browsers have similarities but with some additional features browsers differentiate from each other. Talking about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both have a similar tab system and both have eaten Internet Explorer’s market through their easily available versions which use less memory and are fast. Internet users are seen everywhere carrying around their laptop bags, most of which have either Firefox or Chrome. Both these browsers are equally great but at the same time preferences of the users differ according to their operating system and work type.

Firefox after the launch was altogether a different type of browser. Its loyal customers were satisfied with the features and even after the launch of Google chrome, users didn’t switch. Chrome was easy to download and install and was much quicker than other browsers. Ignoring some small issues with Chrome, it created its market place as one of the best browsers available. With over 350 million users, chrome became 2nd with Firefox at the 1st place having over 500 million users. With more and more internet users around the world, it is early to predict a clear winner.

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Google Chrome

Google chrome was launched by Google Inc in 2008. Google is currently one of the biggest companies in the world and selling laptops, PCs, Servers and even laptop backpacks. It had to compete with many big players like Firefox and Internet Explorer and though Chrome was 4 years younger than Firefox it still was able to make a mark in the market with its fast interface and quick loading tabs and an option of incognito window. It gave the option of adding extensions for different other websites and social networks. It had no ribbon and used maximum space for showing his website and even a first time user was able to understand the usage of Chrome.

The only problem with the Chrome was the firebug which was better in Firefox. Many users complained about it and there were many small bugs. Due to this reason, chrome is not used by many professionals and is mostly used for home or personal use.


Mozilla foundation launched Firefox in 2004, And at that time there was only Internet explorer which was successful. Firefox had to satisfy Internet Explorer users to create a market for itself. Adding some extra features like plugins for different sites was a different thing for users though slowly, it became the first choice of the professional and IT designers. Almost every website was compatible through few extensions and plugins which Firefox provided. The only issue with Firefox was that it is slower than Chrome and with all the extensions and plugins it becomes a lot slower than Chrome.

Both browsers being best in their own way have their market share more than any other browser. But it depends on the choice of the user to select the best browser from these two. Google chrome is more popular because of the fact that it is easy to use and it has low memory usage.