We live in the era of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, I pads,  I phones,  Samsung S3’s , Google Glasses and a whole bunch of technological advancements that sometimes, it amazes me to no end. I can still remember the time when my teacher would teach me and my friends back in the early 90’s how to properly use the typewriter. And then, a few years later, my father brings back a big white box that looked like a small television set. When asked what it was, my dad told us that it’s “a thing of the future.”

And boy, was he right after all.

Computers have dominated and changed the way we communicate with our relatives and friends, how corporations transact their business, how the government manages our country, and just about everything. Of course, you also have to think about software. Yes, those applications that lets you withdraw money from an ATM or the computer application that let’s you open your favorite website in the Internet. Let’s state the facts; most computers can’t function as well as they’re doing right now if it weren’t for the developers who made these wonderful application software.

This actually made me think of something. What exactly are the application software that we can expect in the future? I’m talking about whether data centers, call centers, or even regular businesses all over the world will go “Minority Reports” inside the office.

All it takes is the right application software for his type of technology to finally exist. Below are some of the applications that I think we’ll have the opportunity to use around 20 years from now:

1. The Cancer Detection App – If there’s one thing that most people would want to have, it would have to be an application that helps people detect the early stages of cancer. Let’s face it; with the way things are right now (food filled with preservatives, unhealthy lifestyle), having cancer in your old age is a possibility. So if there was an application software that can warn people that a tumor is growing inside their body, this could actually help in decreasing cancer-related deaths.

The technology to probe a human’s body through a retinal (eye) scan or a thumb scan has still yet to be developed, but I think this is something that medical companies should really look into.

2. The Google Glasses App – If you’re wondering why this is still placed as a concept, it’s because Google is still “tinkering” with the project, so to speak. The advertising says that the application inside the Google Glasses will enable people to take pictures, record videos and even engage in a conference video call. Honestly, I am unimpressed; if this is the only thing that the Google Glasses can do, then I might as well revert back to my old smartphone.

Google Glasses needs to have MORE apps installed. Period. I think Google knows what it has to do.

3. The “Minority Reports” App – Again, it’s a hologram, but there’s an application software that can emulate the exact holographic display feature that we’ve all seen in “The Minority Reports.” In fact, the image above was taken from a very famous watch shop that used the hologram technology.

It’s cool to be handling files and reports with just one touch, push and shove of your hands. I’m pretty sure that those who work in the BPO industry would agree to this.

4. Gas Stove App, anyone? – Uh, now this is kinda strange. When I was cooking breakfast a few days ago, I suddenly thought that what if there’s an application software that can give instructions to a device to cook your breakfast or lunch for you? That would be really neat indeed.

Imagine a microwave-like device that will prepare your dishes for you through voice command or just by pressing a button. While a bit bizarre, well, why not? Perhaps this kind of technology will be available 30 or 40 years from now.

And hey, while you’re at it, why not build an entire house with application software that takes care of everything, like turning on the hot water for your bath or preparing a hot cup of espresso for you and your buddies? Wouldn’t that be awesome, right?

Ah yes, technology at its finest indeed.