Just after the success release of iPhone 5, it seems there is another good news on the way for Apple lovers. The news of the unleash of Apple’s 5th generation iPod touch has been unveiled. This new device is set to arrive in its official market by the end of this month and the company has also started accepting pre-orders.

As per Slash Gear, pre-orders for the new Apple device is available on the U.S. online store, but the company will start its shipment by the end of October. Moreover, it looks like company wants to give a double doze of happiness to its users, as the seventh generation iPod Nano is also releasing in this month only, it has the same release date as of the 5th generation iPod touch. The most exciting news about the iPod touch release is that for the first time Apple’s 5th generation iPod touch will come in five different colors. Its pricing are as follows:

  • 32GB will cost for $299
  • 64GB will cost for $399

This new iPod touch features almost the same qualities like iPhone 5. Let’s have a quick look at its features:

  • This new device has a larger screen of 4” as compared to its predecessor and is slimmer with a 6.1 mm thickness.
  • It has been upgraded with digital Siri and Airplay.
  • It caters an A5 processor plus an improved camera of 5MP camera with LED flash that can shoot full 1080p HD video.
  • The major highlight of this device includes a retina display with 800:1 contrast ratio, which will definitely become the positive point of this device.
  • The design has a sophisticated and futuristic look.
  • It caters fingerprint resistant coating.

Many apple users and lovers must be thinking that iPhone 5 was the last major release of Apple, but this news would be very unexpected and would totally dazzle them.