Businesses have started making use of internet and cloud services in their day-to-day transactions. The process of testing has always been tiring and time consuming, but cloud services have made it very easy and simple to use. Here is where, Testlodge test case management tool makes Your businesses collaboration better within their scope of testing efficiently. Testlodge is making great efforts to be the frontrunner in the market of online testing softwares. This application helps you manage your test plans, test cases and execute several test runs for a quick set-up and an easy-to-use interface.

More About TestLodge

TestLodge is an online Test case software designed for the businesses to store, organize, execute and view test reports. This application has no user limits and the ability to easily create test suites / test cases along with managing test scripts, test planning, tracking all the requirements and carrying out multiple test runs. TestLodge also offers online data storage that benefits both the business and the individual to manage and undertake the testing quickly and with ease.

Features of the Online Test Management Application

1 .Creating Test Plans

Test plans can be created very easily and quickly from a template seeking the guidance provided to add the content in the test plan. A template list plan includes all the relevant areas where the content is required, like features to be tested, features to leave untested, approach, item criteria (whether fail or pass), criteria for suspension and resumption, test deliverables, responsibilities, plan schedule, risks associated and many other test plan tasks.

You can create one test plan right from the scratch and have the rights to change your test plan to test suites without making any changes in the content of the test plans.

2. Putting Together Your Test Suites and Cases

Test cases are put together to make test suites. You can add new or existing test cases to the test suites at any time, even when test runs are in progress. Constant updates are possible in test suites as per the needs.

3. Tracking all the Requirements

Adding new requirements can be done at any stage of the project and proper documentation is followed to keep the process organized. Each requirement has to be entered with a title and a short description (optional). The requirement is created and then assigned to one or more test cases. You can create a report during or after the test run, to analyse the requirements, whether verified or not.

4. Executing Single/Multiple Test Runs

Creating and executing multiple test is not that easy, but Testlodge has helped us a lot in the same. Here, all the associated test cases and plans are copied automatically before any test run starts, which means that all the changes or updates in the data done by you or any other member would not affect the existing test run.

This feature gives you a complete guideline for each test and shows whether it is passed, failed or been skipped and a proper record has to be maintained for that. You can check the results at any time during the test runs and also you can use filter option to view passed, failed or skipped. All these help you generate bug reports with ease.

Issue Tracker Integration

Testlodge-online test case-management application can be integrated with the existing tool to allow tickets and creating bug reports when a test fails. The issues can be easily replicated with the details like description, replicating steps, expected outcome and actual result. In this case, the failed test cases are directly linked to the new ticket that you have created.


1) Allows you to work collaboratively with your team at one place.
2) Simple and clean user-interface, further learning not required.
3) Allows you to add unlimited users and multiple test suites in all plans.
4) Online management is free, you need not install and create setup on your own.
5) You can set up and start managing your test scripts immediately.

Give it a Try!!

Trying this online test management tool is free for 30 days, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. The paid versions of this application starts at $14 and goes up to $119 depending upon personal requirements.

Testlodge is undoubtedly a beneficial service to turn your local test tracking into a cloud based affair. The application is definitely limited to certain options but the support system is really amazing to work with! We would highly recommend you all to give it a try at least.