The hype created by the users, in the market for iPhone 5 will not be gone until sometime from now. The phone has done record-breaking business, and 200 million sets already were sold on the night of the launch. The traffic of pre-orders has been exemplary.

People have been seen lined up against the Apple stores in the US even two days before the launch to be the first to get their hands on the new phone. That is why; there has been the whole traffic crowded streets near every other retail shop for Apple Inc.

However, the case may be the users from the Samsung Android Galaxy S series are not at all seen to be switching. They feel the switching cost is too high and the phone such as the SIII is already the best. The company has also cashed out this opportunity, and the new advertisements by Samsung for the SIII show that it is no use to keep dangling outside the Apple stores as the features of SIII are way above that of the iPhone 5. The sales of SIII and iPhone 5 have been neck to neck in competitive factors. Some of the lined up users do not even want to be there for buying. They have been there to see what it is like when the new phone is launched.


Whatever the critics say, when I got my hands on the new iPhone 5, I was astonished. It is the best thing Apple has produced. It has the perfect weight, the perfect height and the pixel density. The users’ ratings have been on the scale of 8-10 for display, audiovisual features, speed, camera, battery and the processing power.


Not just this, the looks with that black and slate color and the texture is something that means serious business. The screen size is half an inch taller than iPhone 4, which makes it good to access another row of menu icons without scrolling down. The screen depth also has enabled users to use those apps as well that did not fit into the screen display and pixel density otherwise in its predecessors.


The accessories for the iPhone 5 are good in texture and design as well. As the size and the look are different so you have to make sure you buy those sleek and shiny iPhone 5 covers and cases as well.


Apple iTunes store is being lined up with the many new apps and software for the iPhone 5. You will not find any product from Google, as the tussle between the two companies has risen up. Now apple has had its own map and navigation apps in the store for all the users to use them for finding their way out of sticky places and to find new places while driving.

Inbox and Email

Every home screen has its own sign in to the email you want. You may find a new inbox form your accounts on the widget screens you have. So, there is nothing to worry about singing out and in with many accounts one at a time.