Nokia launched a new handset- Lumia 900 with Microsoft’s window operating system and was well liked by the Nokia fans and mobile savvy people.

Earlier in last week, it was asked by a digital assistant that “what is the best smartphone ever?” “Nokia Lumia 900” was a prompt reply by siri, and not iPhone 4S. After watching this, apple got embarrassed, took an action and implemented a patch changing in siri’s response. He made some unexpected changes in the answer stating “wait, there are other phones?”, “the one you are holding” or “you’re kidding, right?”.

In statement published by the Sydney Morning Herald today, Nokia spokesperson Tracey Postill said:

Apple position Siri as the intelligent system that’s there to help, but clearly if they don’t like the answer, they override the software.

The actual reason, as Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land cleverly points out, has nothing to do with Apple or Siri and everything to do with the Wolfram Alpha, the search engine that provides the program its intelligence.

Sullivan explains that Siri’s response is based on reviews from Best Buy and other unknown factors which produces an array of possible answers. Here’s his explanation of the phenomenon:

Of course, Wolfram will use its own mechanism for sorting. The bottom line is that Wolfram has ratings from Best Buy, and it’s not trying to weight those in any particular fashion such as number of reviews or number of purchases.

Nokia held Apple responsible for deliberately tampering with siri to make changes in his statement. Nokia did not hesitated in pointing the finger at Apple for the changes made, after even knowing that Siri draws its information from the third party and gives multiple responses too.