After having a long discussion on the report that Nokia accused Apple for overriding Siri’s report stating Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone. Apple has fixed the bug that made Siri declare that Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever.

He said that after being repeated asked to answer the same question, his answers were either “you’re kidding, right?”, “Wait.. There are other phones too?” or “The one, you’re holding”. Apple states that siri uses ‘Search engine Wolphram Alpha’ to check the best response and give an answer to the question.

Apple delivers its response based on the reviews given by the users all across the web and the ranks given by Wolphram Alpha to the smartphone.

Apple’s own iPhone 4s was not listed among the best smartphones by Wolphram Alpha, which is the only phone Siri appeared for.

Despite this post that Apple resolved the case, it does not states that Apple was not responsible for altering Siri’s response.