There has been a lot of rumors about the upcoming edition of iPhone later this year. There are always some extra ordinary and unique features we get to see in iPhone, so does we get to see in iPhone 5. We can find the new iPhone with latest features and new technology making it more smart. The existing iPhone users are expecting much more new features and smarter look for iPhone 5. All the rumors coming out of the rumor mill have increased the curiosity among the audiences, as it states that the body of iPhone 5 is made up of liquid metal. This is a mixture of different metals that makes it lighter than aluminum. iPhone 5 continues to be there with same size, but lighter in weight. It has been heard that the next iPhone may be 2mm slimmer and 4 inches taller than the earlier model. It is expected to give you a wide-screen to use the applications with more convenience.

Other latest features that makes it different and the most awaited is its 10 megapixel rear-facing camera with 5 megapixel forward-facing camera (HD) for video chatting. This new iPhone would obviously offer better resolution with increased size to have an exciting pictures or video watching experience. It has quad speakers to listen to the iTunes and watch videos with great sound clarity. We have a lot many pictures to see that complements the rumors and we found them really impressive.

The look of the iPhone 5 is yet to be disclosed as Apple has not decided the final design of iPhone till date. We got to hear that Apple is planning to use a heavy dose of metal in the backside of his upcoming iPhone 5. Another new feature that iPhone 5 might come up with is longer battery life and extended storage capacity.

Check out the images below for a look at the concept iPhone 5.