“The world’s best things are free,” that’s the saying doing the rounds these days. But, don’t expect much, and when it comes to the technology you should never expect the best for free. So what’s the harm if you do find something free for use and that too when you are using an iPhone.

Yes, you have read it right. Some iPhone apps are available for free. The main question that comes to mind is:

Are all the free Apps worthy to be downloaded?

Well, evaluating the available Apps, we have prepared a list of 20 must-have iPhone Apps that should be present in your handset to help create an enriching mobile environment. Go upload for yourself and change the whole perception of going mobile. Keeping security in mind, we have also enlisted some security Apps that will help you create a castle around your secret mobile world.

20 Must-Have iPhone Apps For 2013

1. Facebook

The most downloaded App for iPhone. Well, 2013 will see no change in the statistics as well. This App does a lot in terms of connectivity with your near and dear ones. “Staying Connected” is the mantra that it not only follows but also provides. The App helps you share videos, photos, play games, search for jobs, and encourages you to keep on chatting for increased engagement.

2. Flipboard

Personalization is eased with this App. Getting a personalized magazine with all the connectivity features was never so easy. This App allows you to create a magazine out of everything that you read and share. You can browse through various social networking sites and stay updated on all the latest news-feeds. A single platform that provides you all the social quotient.

3. Pocket

There have been innumerable instances when your eyes have come across something interesting, but you don’t have the time to go through it, at that moment. What do you do? Well, Pocket App helps you out. Bookmarking articles, news, and videos are eased with this App. All the ‘pocketed’ items are synchronized to a device of your choice. Surprise…! The App works fine even when there is no Net connection.

4. Onavo Extend

Losing sleep, over the issue of your extending data usage, every now and then? Well, this App takes care of all your extended time on 3G. Yes, you have read it right. An agile App that helps you retrieve 5 times more data and also manages the way you use your data. The best of all is saved for the latter. Well, this App also helps you avoid spending on roaming charges. Go and explore this awesome App as it is free.

5. Shaw Go WiFi

Have you ever faced difficulty searching for free Wi-Fi spots where without any time constraint you can carry on with your gadgets? Well, download this App for all your Wi-Fi spot searching woes. Wherever you are across the globe, whatever your status be, either online or offline, this App helps you locate free Wi-Fi arenas. Filtering locations according to your need, getting contact information, and even bookmarking your location, this App does all.

6. Invoicera

Afraid of going in a dark room? Don’t worry and download this beautiful App. A handy app that helps you out in the darkest of situations. Simple to use and fast, with a dazzling light, this App is a must in your handset. Its exquisite design and usage comfortability swoons over and bails you out. A built-in compass, to guide you through the dark errands, is present at your disposal.

7. Evernote

Organizing all the ideas and notes requires the presence of this App on your mobile. It is a simple, free app that helps you compose all your notes, images, to-do lists, and reminders. Well, searching from anywhere and everywhere is also feasible with this App. Download to experience the change in your organizing skills.

8. WebRoot Secure web Browser

Browsing the web has its own hazards as well. Innumerable viruses and hackers can invade your privacy and can hack your account. Downloading this App secures you from such malevolent sites, especially when you are banking or shopping. The App makes use of tabs for faster browsing. Added feature- it signals a warning sign before you enter a website if it considers a site not safe to be browsed.

9. Lookout Mobile Security

How many times has it happened that we have lost mobile and can do nothing about it? Well, one thing we can easily do and is to just sit and prod over the lost one. Things have changed though, with this App. Download this App and you can communicate with your iPhone over the net. This enables you to find your gadget faster and in an easy way.

10. Instagram

This App is a must for every iPhone. Recently, undergoing the scissors, it has been given an up-gradation for iPhone 5 so that it can be viewed better on the 4-inch retina display of the device. This app allows you to add retro effects to your clicks and share them with everyone. Uploading images directly from its photo-card for Twitter has been blocked until further notice.

11. GetTaxi

We all, sooner or later, commute late in the night and know the trauma undergone while hiring a taxi at those wee hours. We make unending attempts to stop a taxi but to no avail. This App is meant to solve your tensions for a cab. The App sends an alert to a cabbie available closest to your present location. You can keep a track of your cab, with the help of a tracker installed, together with a driver profile feature. This feature helps you identify the driver on the cab’s arrival.

12. Adaptu Wallet

Budgeting enthusiasts, be it a novice or experienced one, can use this App which has features galore. The App takes notice of your latest account balances in real-time mode and sends you bill reminders. Tracking loyalty programs and predicting your spending antics are also built-in features of this App. Getting images of your insurances, social securities, and business cards is also featured so as to assist you. This App acts as a wallet but is present in your handset.

13. YouTube

If you are considering yourself lucky to be able to use integrated Apps for YouTube and Google Maps on your iOS 6, think again. You’ll probably have to download the free Apps available. The new App includes Facebook and G+ integration together with Voice search and more access to videos, which were unavailable previously.

14. SkyGo

One of the best entertainment Apps present for the iPhone. With the increase in the screen size for iPhone, this app is a hit. When it comes to media consumption stakes, this App takes the iPhone in the league, to compete with Samsung’s SIII. Streaming for movies, sports channels and entertainment channels was never so easy. You’ve just got to have a Sky sub and you can view the channels that you have already paid for.

15. New Star Soccer

An addiction by all means, this football game is a sure-shot winner, in the gaming league. You can hone your football skills and try to be the best, while being in the shoes, of a well-known player. The swipe action of the touchscreen that, your handset boasts of, will help you experience the game in a more fruitful manner.

16. Spin Mentor

The best App that makes learning interactive and worthwhile. This App boasts of a new-age learning process but retains the traditional elements of a classroom. You can pause an ongoing lecture, fast-forward one, skip a lecture if you don’t want to listen to it, and even write on a virtual chalkboard. The learning process is further enhanced with the help of online debates that a user can participate in, in case of queries.

17. BBC News

Have a habit of keeping yourself updated with the latest in the world of news? Then, this is the App that will suit your needs. Getting breaking news from across the globe is just so easy with this App. Categorization for easy access makes it the most downloaded news App for iPhone5.
Live streaming is also possible in this App.

18. Slacker Radio

Music soothes everyone and this app assists you in your choice of music and playlists. Being one of the most loved, music streaming App, it gives access to more than 200 radio stations. It has options galore to explore your favorite music from. It has a clean interface and comes with clear sound quality. Music lovers should have this App up their sleeves.

19. Gain Fitness

Fitness freaks should have this App downloaded in their handsets. Getting access to training sessions from the world’s best trainers, this App helps bring the gym to your pockets. 350 plus exercises with training styles and modules to choose from, your fitness level can be increased periodically.

20. Stay

A traveling guide at your fingertips, this social App helps you to socialize. Containing information from more than 120 cities, from all over the world, this app lets you share your guide with your friends and take their opinions as well. Expert recommendations are also present to guide you.

The above-listed iPhone Apps deserve to be present in your handset for all the good reasons. Take a plunge in the App store and explore them to ease your experience with your most loved gadget, the iPhone.