Mobile app development is a process or process that creates a mobile application for mobile devices, such as digital personal assistants, digital assistant businesses, or mobile phones.

The Growth of iOS vs Android

The war continues and never concludes. However, the question remains for the business: what platform should you focus on for your project?

Many companies struggle to decide which platforms should be used to develop their apps. From the financial perspective, the iOS platform has always earned more revenue than Android, but it has more than one story, and we need to dig through a better understanding of better iOS or Android.

When you look at the mobile market worldwide, the numbers are wandering around. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Android

  • The biggest advantage of Android is that it’s an open-source platform and it’s free.
  • Multitech-Android phones can bring many applications, meaning you can browse, Facebook while listening to songs.
    Notification Practices – Any SMS, emails, have a Regular Home Screen Notice on Android phones.
  • You will convert to Android mobile at a cheaper cost. Sometimes it’s easy to find and it has many carriers on some Android phones and a big screen.
  • Android apps are highly customizable and easy to manage.
  • Developers are required to pay a one-time registration fee for the distribution of the application. Then they can increase any computer device to construct and test the product on their smartphones, ensuring low investments and increased engagement among users.

Disadvantages of Android

  • Android-based Linux system, in order to change, the user needs to know Linux command systems.
  • The strength of the application will resume if it is so great.
  • Android system has small storage of memory. If you want to download a large game on your device so sometimes the device becomes hang and shows some kind of error.
  • Low security and fake apps can be installed to steal your information from unknown resources.
  • A lot of “processes” in the background that leads to the battery quickly drains.

Benefits of iOS Application

  • iOS seems to be more stable than Android, glitches, and crashes are less common which’s why iOS application development services are in high demand.
  • Most significantly better CPUs and GPU performance and optimizations – there are fewer ways to lag on the iPhone in general.
    It’s a bit simpler / easy to use as that is what Apple has always been striving for especially audio quality – both MIC, speakers, and loudspeakers.
  • Developers can design apps because of less number of templates
    Metal and bright layers are ultimate for Apple devices.
  • Generate less heat when compared to Android.
  • Jailbreaking for customization and iOS Is More “Intuitive”.

Disadvantages of them

  • The lowest percentage of free apps for the iPhone compared to Android.
  • Apple’s closed ecosystem is at times a disadvantage. You need to regularly back up your phone, and still, need iTunes software or screenshots for making it popular.
  • It has a review process when developers want to publish an app they need to send to Apple for review that takes around 7 days and it takes even more in some cases.
  • Apps are too large when compared to other mobile platforms.
  • iOS are costly Apps and no widget support.

Similarities Between Android vs iOS

  • Both Android and iOS phones can download great apps like FB, Instagram, BBM, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Both have carriers and both have GPS and Navigators.
  • Both have a screen and both are good hardware and software.
  • They both have featured in 2G, 3G, and 4GLTE and both have the same purpose to make communication easier for the entire world.


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