For every business, especially a small one, it is a mission to survive in today’s unstable economy. Every dollar counts, so every possible way that you can cut down your business expenses can really matter when it comes to your overall profits. However, in order to succeed in this, it doesn’t have to mean that you need to make drastic changes and reinvent everything. It actually comes down to much simpler steps that you need to make in order to decrease your expenses and improve your bottom line.

Many businesses focus way too much on quick growth and forget about preserving what they already have. Don’t make the same mistake. Here are 7 out-of-the-box ways to cut down your business expenses.

1. Reduce production costs
Reducing material costs and making the best out of your resources are common sense solutions for every businessman. There are some great ways that you can do this. You should track and asses how successful your business operations are so that you can decide how to best make use of the resources that you have. Define your goals when it comes to performance, and provide your employees with incentives when they meet them. One great thing that you could do is sell remaining paper, metal, fabric and cardboard, or find a way to use it for creating a new product.

2.Be an example to your employees
It goes without saying that the way you behave as a business leader reflects on everyone else in your company. Your task is to teach your employees the proper values, by doing the best you can in order to save money. The fact that you might be a successful businessman doesn’t mean that you need to spend what you’ve got on luxury hotels and expensive dinners. When your workers see that you are spending money without a care, they will follow that example. So, make sure that you convey the right message to them when it comes to business expenses. There are plenty of apps available (like BillGuard, DollarBird, Level Money) that can help you in this process by tracking your spending.


3.Adopting An Automated Expense Management System: A powerful automated Expense management software is a systematic set of processes that companies use to record expenses, make payments, and track their spending. It includes monitoring purchases such as equipment and inventory, as well as expenses incurred by traveling employees. It also includes defining a spending policy, enforcing it, and finding ways to reduce spending.

4.Implement virtual technology
Operating via virtual technology can significantly reduce your business expenses. When you hold virtual meetings, you cut down on travel expenses. Personal contact is, of course, still very important, but you can make use of it only in the situations when you can benefit the most from it. Furthermore, you can make use of modern technologies such as Basecamp and Google Drive in order to centralize business documents, and eliminate the need for their paper versions.

5.Make use of the space that you have
You need to make an assessment of how the space in your offices is used. It’s a great idea to use space for more than one purpose. A meeting room can also work as a break room, and a storage room can also hold your fax and copy machines. You can combine or centralize various functions of departments within your company. Furthermore, according to the experts, you should maintain your space as best as you can, in order to improve efficiency.

6.Partner up
Collaboration with a partner company is always a great way to save money. Find a business that targets the same audience and offers the same services, so that you can make use of opportunities that you would otherwise have to pay for. You might be able to gain access to VIP events at conferences, and many other assets that you can benefit from. Make sure that your partners care about your company as much as you care about theirs.


7.Focus on a particular niche
It’s especially important for a small business to narrow its focus on a niche of particular services and projects. This way you can make sure that you do more quality work instead of focusing on quantity. Your productivity will certainly improve, as well as your bottom line. Subcontracts are another way of narrowing your focus. This way you can actually take up more projects instead of turning them away, but spend much less due to subcontracting.

8.Make use of time strategies
It is essential that you optimize how productive your employees are, and waste as little time as possible. You should schedule activities on a daily or weekly basis, and promote compliance to the schedule. Set reasonable expectations for when certain tasks need to be completed. Provide incentives to employees that meet the deadlines. Schedule meetings, and let your employees know how important it is to be on time, follow the schedule of business, and adhere to deadlines. Use an app such as FocusBooster as an aid for them to concentrate on the tasks at hand. An app such as Paymo can help you track how much time your employees are spending on certain activities.

Cutting down business expenses can be essential for your business to keep its head above the water. Businesses that focus too much on growth tend to forget this. Consider these 7 tips to make sure that you aren’t spending more than necessary, and make your business thrive.