YouTube has just revised its Android app to version 2.3.4, and though the changed are not really revolutionizing and enticing, it does however manage to offer some very useful new functionality.

The advent of new feature has something to offer to anyone, regardless of if your interest lies in watching videos, and too many of it, or you would rather upload your clips and enjoy a good audience.

The launch of the “watch later” queue has brought that feature to the mobile app right from the web based Youtube. So if you are surfing the net, you may select the videos of your choice, put them in the queue and watch them later at your own convenience.

However if you are more interested in uploading the videos should pay attention to the change in the editing features of the clip. The change lets you revise the metadata in regard to the video while it is still getting uploaded.

The final feature of the new update includes the Google+1 button which give you yet another way to express your appreciation for your favorite videos on Youtube. The Android market not is actively providing updates Youtube 2.3.4.