With the tablet revolution is full swing, majority of businesses are trying their luck in it. Convenience and portability offered by tablets is simply unmatched and this is why most business houses find it necessary, especially the ones which have a mobile workforce or can interact 1:1 with customers. However, there is no dearth of tablet solutions available in the market. It can become a daunting task to select one. However, iPad is certainly one of the most obvious choice, but the fact that Android looks promising can not be denied.

Discussed below are some of the important reasons why iPad is still better than Android for your business.

  • iPad is still the best option: If your business requires your workforce to interact directly with your customers, then iPad is the best option available for you.
  • The Market for App is Immature: Nearly two years old and has a substantial base. On the other hand, Android, with a comparable screen size is relatively new in the market. What this means is that Android does not have many apps that can take advantage of the form factor. Moreover, when it comes to catching up, it is certainly not easy as iPad apps need to be rewritten from the scratch for Android. Hence porting apps is a slow process.
  • Both Price and Performance Favor Apple: Although there is not much of a price difference between iPad and Android, but Amazon’s upcoming Fire priced around $200, certainly can not come close to iPad’s feature list.
  • iPad Offers Better Apps: iPad has a solid business apps which Android can not really boast of as of now. iPad offers a number of solid tools to serve as a laptop replacement. In fact, IT pros are already using tools like Citrix’s Go ToManage to provide real-time remote support.
  • It Offers Better Interface: Apple scores much better when it comes to usability. Android has a busy, difficult to manage and cluttered interface. This makes it less efficient and less productive.