According to an analysis report by WMPowerUser, Windows phones might overtake the Blackberry’s place in the US market in around 47th week of the year. As Blackberry, being an erstwhile market leader is seen to fall on a high pace, it could indeed turn on a dime.

The upcoming range of Windows phones in November could beat the trend for Blackberry phones in the USA. Windows is likely to become third player in the smartphones market in the USA. But it would not have major effect on its market share, as the market share numbers of Windows mobile phones remains trivial.

Although, this is pretty rare to say that Windows would capture the Blackberry market in USA, as according to the current statistics only 2 out of 100 Smartphone users are using Windows phones.

Upcoming launch of Windows phones in October or November may prove to be a game changer in the Smartphone market in the USA. Windows might surpass the Blackberry’s market share in the United States by November 2012.