Amazon launched a new cloud storage service today for the small-scale business people. He named his service as Amazon Glacier, which is very reasonable, secure, durable and flexible storage solution for backing up data. Amazon has made this service available on very low cost of $0.01 per GB per month. This service has been introduced specially for storing the data that is not accessed often, but is important for future reference.

The company states such data as digital media archives, financial sheets, health records, and other long time database backup files are ideal to be stored with Glacier. This services comes with zero upfront fees, and thus is ideal to be used by enterprise class. The cost charged for storage depends upon the storage capacity used for a certain time period. Thus, there is no scope for any kind of future growth in the fee plans. Small-scale and budget conscious people can use this service effectively.

Amazon Glacier is made to available all across the US, Asia-Pacific regions and Europe through its Ireland data center. This launch is aimed at targeting all the small-scale to medium-sized companies and save them in following the old and traditional storage methods. Amazon states that people would be able to move their data online and store the same for the time they need.