Windows 8 is the latest OS to join the bandwagon on the survey carried out by the gaming software download giant, Steam. Getting mixed reviews, for the launch and use, of Windows 8 is a statement of the past. Recent studies have shown it to rank as the fourth OS on the Steam list, surpassing OS X. The results for the November listing showed that 4.25 percent of the Steam users had 64-bit Windows 8 as the OS.

The Comparisons

The results of the survey throw light over the fact that Windows 8 is just marginally behind the same 64-bit Vista version. The survey results showed that Windows 8 surpassed all the other Mac OS versions available. However, Windows 7 still remains at the top on the list and has a share of 72% on the systems. The sales figure of the OS X accounts only 3% of all the Steam users.

OS are widely preferred by gamers and it is interesting to know that most of them have undergone the change required and have accepted this operating system with both hands. Microsoft itself has been very sceptical over the issue of the sales figure related to this OS. Though official releases show that the sales figure has touched the 40 million mark, analysts have other views about it. There is no breakdown between the enterprise and consumer sales from the company side as well.

Had it not been for Steam boss Gabe Newell’s outrageous comments on the OS, the statistics would not have been so highlighted and important. In a recent interview Newell went to the extent of calling the launch of Windows 8 as a “catastrophe”. The main area for his concern could have been the integrated app store, present on Windows 8, which can act as a possible threat to Steam.

The Valve Corporation has planned to launch a Linux version of Steam to take on Windows8 and also to place a foothold, for selling non-gaming software, in the online market. The company has officially launched a new TV- compatible interface for Steam, coined as Big Picture. It has been launched with the aim to bring the action to the living room.

The figures speak for themselves. The phenomenon in the form of Windows 8 is catching up with the big cats and surpassing all to create a position for itself in this highly competitive market. Wait for the downturn to start and also the statistics to turn tables.

(Credit: Screenshot by Vincent Chang/CNET Asia)