As a part of ongoing attempts to ensure the precise and absolute geographic data to the people, Google has just released major update to its Mapping service across 10 european countries and regions: Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Gibraltar,Andorra, Bulgaria,Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia,Slovenia.

This update is a part of their ongoing project called ‘Ground Truth’ initiative which started in 2008 with the aim to obtain high quality map data from recognized sources and provide to local deatils to 40 markets across the globe.The tools which Google has used to develop its mapping service which is a mix of data from other sources, updates from some communities and the company’s own data etc all have approved under this initiative.

European users can now enjoy an extra interactive details, for example this update has added a new Bulgaria’s Trakiya 70km long motorway which was opened for racers a few days back. This addition is so fresh that this feature is not available on Maps of other countries, which highlights how seriously Google is taking its mapping service in Europen regions.


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“Today’s update is part of a project called Ground Truth that began in 2008,” Google explains. “Through this initiative, we acquire high-quality map data from authoritative sources around the world and then apply a mix of advanced algorithms, supplemental data (including satellite, aerial and Street View imagery), and human input to create a map that corresponds as closely as possible to the real-world facts that you’d find if you were to visit that location.”

It is just not the only motorway details the company has been released, Google also thinks that highways and roads are not only sufficient to define the place and assist you to achieve the ground. Keeping this in mind Google also incorporated information such as ferry lines, University campuses, paths, buildings outlines etc to provide more comprehensive, realistic and accurate data to the local people and visitors.

For example, in a new map of Spain, it not only shows the famous Parque del Retiro and Museo del Prado in Madrid but also shows the nearby surroundings and buildings(including Madrid Museum, central parks,Royal Botanical Gardens and many more) which would be of a great help for those visitors who love to discover the nearby places with their smartphone. These small details is what makes Google’s mapping service so useful and beneficial for the local people and others that make use of Google Maps.


Explore this place on Google Maps

Google is also planning to expand indoor mapping as well, so the infrastructure the company has built so far will also be implemented to other surroundings in the future for making the mapping service more realistic across the globe.

 With this update, the maps which the company has developed with ‘Ground Truth’ initiative is now accessible in 40 nations around the world and planning to map more number of countries in details in the future.

To see the progress Google has made upto date, just take a look at the image below.


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