The highly anticipated iPhone 5S is the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation lately. So far, there isn’t much that we are sure of, but talk of an upgraded processor and camera don’t seem too unlikely either. However Apple might have something else up their sleeve. Jonathan Gellar, the founder of popular tech site Boy Genius Report, believes that the new update could include a LiquidMetal case. Here’s his reason why.

“Years ago, Apple signed an exclusive licensing agreement with LiquidMetal to use its unique material that is two to three times harder than normal metals, yet can be injection molded into custom parts and shapes. It is very scratch resistant tough, and yet extremely light.

BGR exclusively revealed various components from the upcoming iPhone 5S in a report back in May, and besides the fact that it looks like Apple is going to offer a gold iPhone (something that myself and Anostyle made hot), there was something else I noticed about the SIM tray but couldn’t put my fingers on it. These trays were not cut out of aluminum metal material… they looked like it was injection molded. But out of what?

Well I finally figured out what they are — they are manufactured out of LiquidMetal.”

“We are going to see Apple launch a phone with the most ideal case material in the world, and potentially see the company introduce a sapphire crystal screen, which is also the most ideal material in the world. Not only is Apple going to offer the most amazing hardware that will be impossible for its rivals to replicate, but it has the software to go with it with iOS 7.”

While these claims have not been validated yet by Apple, it is something to think about. The technology definitely exists. Back in 2004, a Vertu premiered this special alloy with their expensive yet extremely durable Vertu Ascent. The phone gracefully and impressively survived being run over by a Porsche 991 and in a campaign Vertu launched to demonstrate that the indestructible LiquidMetal isn’t messing around or taking a beating from no one.

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Since Apple iPhone users treat and protect their devices like a fresh brand new newborn child, constantly doting on and stressing over their well-being 24 hours a day. This update, were it true, would be opened with welcome arms for most. Adding another level of protection would give many peace of mind and give this product an edge over less resistant competitors. Despite added durability, iPhone users will likely still opt to protect their phones through screen protectors and protective cases like those provided by ZAGG, just to be sure to keep their “baby” safe.

So what do you think? Could you see your self sporting this dream Apple smartphone? Is it just another rumor or the future of Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6? Only time will tell, but it looks like this could be the biggest “S” upgrade to date.

Author Hannah is a tech writer for ZAGG, a mobile accessories company striving to protect your device.