Google today announced that it is bringing its Cloud Print service to benefit Windows. The search engine giant has introduced both driver and a service which can be now downloaded directly from Google Tools.

Even Google discerns that there are still some instances when you just require printing something, so for the last couple years, the company has been progressively refining this service. At its central, Cloud Print lets you to share your printers with other individuals and print virtually any document/files from anywhere to anywhere outside Chrome from Windows apps.

For those who are not much aware of Google Cloud Print, it links any Cloud print responsive service (web, mobile, desktop) to any printer. It incorporates with Google docs and Gmail mobile applications and moreover it is itemized as a Printer option in the Print preview page of Chrome browser.

Yet today’s release goes further for the Windows users, as the new Google Cloud driver makes it possible for the users to print any of their Cloud-Printers from Windows Apps. With today’s launch, Chrome is no required to access Cloud-Print driver.

There are numerous Cloud-ready printers available in the market which can be connected to the Internet and also be managed from your personal Google Print accounts. Till now, though, Cloud-Print service can only be accessible via Chrome. There are also several third-party applications available for Mac OS and Windows, but until today, Google dint show any interest in offering support for third-party OS like Windows, Linux and OS X.

The Google Cloud Print Service meanwhile is actually a Windows service. Today’s release lets administrators to effortlessly link their present printers in their businesses, colleges and schools. Google Cloud-Print service works in the background and connects your printers to Google’s cloud. This service is authoritatively in beta, needs that Chrome browser is installed on the system/device and is companionable with Windows  XP(with Windows XPS Essentials Pack installed), Vista and Windows 7.

If you are wondering why Google has launched this service and driver today, let us try to make you understand. There are majority of the businesses that depends on Windows and want to print their documents from apps on the desktop. Also, most of the people spend most of their time in a day on the web browser and thus frequently print from them too. Keeping that in mind, it is quite surprising that it took so long for the company to release these two.

Google has also made one additional prominent modification to Cloud Print: printer can be easily shared now with others simply by publishing a link. One can also notice that the user-interface is very accustomed to sharing on Google Docs. Also, you can set bounds for how many pages a particular user can print in a day which is somewhat schools and colleges will certainly admire.