Mobile applications or Mobile apps, is this an unknown word for you? Of course not. You have heard of it and you used it considerably enough in various aspects of your day to day activities. It won’t be unconvincing if it is said that you are in a way deliberately crazy for this. In fact we all, especially the business professional and the young tech savvy generation, are too much into mobile app usage.

The craze for the mobile apps is almost similar to the craze that once we had for radio or television when it got first introduced. Technological advances have always captured the greatest of interest of the people. Mobile apps, at its infant stage, are equally a fascinating thing for those in the habit of using and getting benefits from technological and digital advances. The fondness for mobile applications is the byproduct of the Smart phones or that mobile apps have made Smart phones so much accepted is hard to distinguish. Just the way it is difficult to say who originated first the hen or the egg. For what so ever reason, Smart phones have become the way of life and we are getting more and more dependent over mobile apps that remarkably make things easier for us. Voice recording, camera, tracking, location detector, music, games, shopping, entertainment, education, etc.; all that interest us can be better entertained using mobile apps

Facts and figures say that there are approximately 120 million U.S. Smartphone users which almost accounts for 40 percent of the population. Further, 50 percent of total searches are done using mobile devices. In a time where the usage of Smartphones has become the major source of information gathering, businesses, small or large, mustn’t ignore the potential of mobile phones and its apps. The idea that only global operating large scale business require to have a mobile app or website has become obsolete. Even a small and locally operating business requires having Mobile app and a website. The reason behind is simple that mobile phones, along with mobile apps, has become one of the most prompt and effective communication devices that enables information dissemination between the seller and buyer.

Although in its infant age but mobile applications have become too integral to the modern day lifestyle. As the world is getting into the habit of using mobile apps in their Smartphones and tablets, it has become important for the products’ sellers and service providers to enrich their business process by providing relevant mobile app facilities to their customers.

Why it has become important for business houses to facilitate their customers through mobile apps? The answer to this relies on the fact that mobile apps serve as technology driven platforms which makes important aspects of our day to day requirement very feasible, faster and convenient. Daily activities like information gathering, e-commerce, ticket booking, bill payments, mapping location, etc. are now days done through apps only. There are innumerable facilities that the internet can offer, and mobile apps are one of the finest and the most technologically advanced medium to make these internet regulated facilities more accessible.

Hence, it’s important for a business enterprise to get a reliable mobile app which is in compliance to the company’s specific requirement and offer an end to end solution to its customer’s requirement. Considering all this, it is clear why businesses are getting their customized app developed. If you run a business and yet away from mobile app then it’s high time that you hire a Mobile Application Developer. But you can’t just rely on anyone, because investing in mobile app development is not a cheap affair. It will require investing, and when you invest you seek for good return on it. So, you have to make a bit of effort to get associated with a good Mobile Application Developer. The best way is to hire a developer from a reputed and well establish company. If you are not a technical person you won’t know how to measure the skill of a mobile app developer. But it is easy to judge the authenticity of a mobile app development company based on its authorization, years of experience and market reputation. Once you get associated with such a company, it takes all the trouble and responsibility to get your app developed by the best of developer it has. An app development company hires the skilled mobile app developers and provides them with the requisite tools to carry forth the ideation, sketching the basic idea, designing the idea, programming, submission of the app in the app world and I tunes. Apart from all these, the company also takes the responsibility for your app’s marketing and promotion
Marketing is very important as there are more than 1000 of apps in iTunes and app world. So very conveniently a newly developed app goes unnoticed. Only right marketing and promotion can actually get an app noticed among its targeted customers. Skilled mobile app developer incorporates social media functionality into the app so that it can support it, promoted through social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. At least, a fan page for the app in Facebook or twitter is like mandating from a publicity point of view. In addition, pre launch publicity is also very vital to make an app popular. This can be done by sending relevant mails, Facebook updates, and other free or paid online methods of advertising.

Hence, if you don’t know very well reputed mobile app developers then don’t go for hiring freelancers. Rather get associated with a mobile application development company. Many such companies give the facility where you can interview their developers and hire the one whom you find suitable. By hiring a developer via a company you get more confirmation on the quality of the services that are technically advanced and comparatively cost effective. These companies employ a stringent selection procedure for recruiting qualified software experts who are well versed with mobile application technologies and further trained for betterment. They are qualified from leading institutions and experienced in developing customer requirement specific mobile apps.

An app development company provides end-to-end business processes that can cover up your requirements like procure to pay, talent management and sales to delivery. The most rewarding aspect of these companies is that they offer custom built apps based on the specific requirement of companies, their marketing strategies and their clients’ requirement.

Author Biography : This post has been contributed by Pushpendra Shukla, working as Sr. Associate – Internet Marketing with Moability, a company providing Mobile Application Development services in India.