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7 Great Apps for Sharing Media While Mobile

Sharing media is fun and easy on a desktop, but it’s a little harder on a smartphone or tablet. This is because mobile devices don’t have the same power and functionality as a desktop. At the same time, there are many apps that make this much easier. You can easily share videos, images, and websites with the right apps. Most of these apps are free and simple to use. You usually just have to push a few buttons to share your favorite media.

Official Social Media Apps

Every major social media website has an official app. For example, you can easily download the Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn apps. These apps are amazing for sharing media to your social networking account because it directly connects to your page. Just choose a file and share it on a social media outlet.


The Tumblr app is a great way to share media on your Tumblr page. This app will integrate with your smartphone or tablet so that you can share videos, chats, links, photos, and nearly anything else with just a few clicks. Another good thing is that you can manage all of your Tumblr blogs from this app. This is perfect if you have several Tumblr blogs for different niches.


While official social media apps are great, the problem is that they only connect to a single social media outlet. If you are like most people, then you probably have an account at several social networks. Nobody wants to juggle three or four apps just to share media.


You don’t have to with BlogPress. This app connects directly to most of the popular social media outlets, blogging engines, and bookmarking websites. You can easily share pictures and videos from this one app in a matter of seconds.


Many people wouldn’t consider DropBox an app for sharing media, but it actually works very well for this purpose. First of all, you can easily share media you find on a mobile device with your desktop or laptop. You can also place new files on your DropBox account to save them for later.

If you share your DropBox URL with people, then they will be able to see all of the files that you uploaded. This may not be as public as Facebook or Twitter, but sometimes that’s a good thing. If you want an app that is a little more private, then DropBox is perfect.


If you have a Flickr account, then you absolutely need the Flickr app. Flickr is one of the biggest photo-sharing platforms in the world, and millions of photos are uploaded on a daily basis. Not only does the app allow you to upload photos from a mobile device, but you can also manage your account, favorite new images, and respond to comments.

Rando 4Me

This is probably one of the most unique media-sharing apps available for Android and iOS devices. Most media-sharing apps allow you to place the media on your social media page or a private album. This app will send your pictures to random people that you don’t know. You will also receive pictures from random people.

While this isn’t ideal if you want to save media or share pictures and videos with your friends, it’s a unique app that is very interesting to use. Give it a try and see what types of photos you get in return.


The Lightbox app is specifically for pictures. Made by the YouTube product manager, Lightbox allows you to use fun filters to make your photos look better before you share them. You can also share your photos with your Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages. The app is also very responsive because you can go through many images without a single lag.

Sharing media on a mobile device can be difficult, but there are many apps that make it much easier. It doesn’t matter if you want the world to see your favorite photos and videos, or if you just want to share media with a small group of friends. These apps will help you share all of the media that you find online within a few seconds.


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