Apple is a company known for its innovation. Whenever a new product, or even operating system for that matter, is released, the crowds get ready and excited in anticipation. The latest offering is a new operating system that is titled iOS 7 for iPhone. It will be the biggest change to come to the iPhone’s operating system since it was first introduced. Read on to learn more about the new features that you can expect to see.

A New Design

A new array of colors can be enjoyed on iOS 7, as well as a sort of translucent finish on some screens to give it a better sense of depth. Throughout the rest of the operating system, changes have been made to the look of everything from the weather app to the Game Center app. Even the messages that you share with friends now look different. The little chat bubbles traded in their glossy, almost 3D appearance for a flatter look instead that is found on a blue and white interface.

AirDrop Makes Sharing Easier


AirDrop will make it even easier than ever before to share whatever content you desire with your friends who also use iPhones. Whether you send contacts, videos, photos, or any other content over to your buddies, all you need to do is click the Share button. The phone will automatically connect users through the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer the information to one another. If the recipient chooses to save a file, it will be properly saved to the appropriate area of the phone. So if you send over a photo and your friend decides to save it on her iPhone, it will automatically be dropped into her gallery of saved pictures.

Safari is Better Than Ever


There are also plenty of changes to expect within Safari, which is Mac’s Internet browser. There is a full-screen option, and you can just swipe sideways to quickly close tabs if you wish. Also, whereas there used to be a limit to the number of tabs you were allowed to have open, Apple has done away with that as well. If your children love to use your iPhone every now and then to play games or surf the internet, you can even set parental controls. And by using iCloud Keychain, Safari will now even remember all of your important passwords, credit card information, and account information so that you don’t have to.

Doing More at Once


Multitasking has also never been easier. Tap the home button two times so that you can get previews of all of the apps that are currently open on your iPhone. While this may sound like a pretty standard feature, it gets better. Your phone will learn your behaviors  so after a certain amount of time, it will know that you love checking your Twitter account every morning. It will then update the app automatically before you even open it up. This will save you time and allow you to get the information you require right away.

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