Do you ever wished to visit the Diagon Alley where Harry Potter spent the good amount of time. If you have an Internet access, then you just need to open the Google Maps to experience the Diagon Alley on your own.

The newly introduced Diagon Alley street view by Google provides a great representation of the famous location used in Harry Potter’s movies. The map looks truly original as it has been actually taken from the Warner Bros London studio.

You can view 360 degrees images of the Diagon Alley set that brings to life a part of the magical shopping complex in Harry Potters movie series. The entrance of Warner Bros studio where Harry Potter’s clothes and accessories has been put on auction can also be seen on Google Street view.

This is a enjoyable inclusion in Street View for all the Harry Potter’s fans. Fans who cannot fly to London, can hop onto their PCs, Laptops etc and fly over to the Warner Bros studio where they can view all the popular shops from the Harry Potter series including Mr. Mulpepper’s Apothecary, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes joke shop, and Ollivanders Wand Shop.


According to Warner Bros. Studio Tour, the Diagon Alley set took over three months to build, and required another half a year to come up with more than 20,000 products available which were placed on the respective shops’ shelves:

This is not the first time that Google has carried out this type of project. The company has been adding such type of images in its Street View quite frequently, most recent is Battleship Island, the Japanese island shown in the James Bond movie Skyfall.

There is no doubt that Google has really put in their best efforts to include those destinations which people don’t have the luxury to visit there. Users can view many famous places, whether they are world landmarks, Grand Canyon, Universities campuses and even UNESCO World Heritage sites through Google Street View.

Today’s step is the first addition after the company disclosed at its I/O developers conference that it is soon going to introduce a new version for the Desktop as well. The move come after a week when the company Kicked off its Street View pilot project which enables other companies to rent Street view camera to contribute images back to the Google Street View service.