The entire business fraternity is turning heads towards a whole new phenomenon- the tablet phenomenon. After the mobile phone technology has played it’s part to bring a big turnaround in the business market, it’s the tablets that are ready to bring about another revolution of kinds with their much-felt presence in the marketplace. Now that many business owners are plowing back into the tablet market, the question of the hour is- which tablet to choose? The iPad remains the favorite choice of many but the Android market is also gaining pace. There are, however many factors that make it a win-win situation for iPad when compared with the relatively new Android.

Let’s consider a few of them:

1. iPad Offers Finer Interface Than Android: It is a universal fact. Ipad offers a more user-friendly interface as compared to Android’s unmanageable and cluttered interface. If you depend on Android’s disappointing interface, the productivity and efficiency of your company might get a blow.

2.  Apple Wins Over with It’s Price and Performance: iPad and Android are available at almost similar prices but when you check the features, both devices stand no comparison. Ipad leaves all other gadgets of its league behind with it’s exceptional performance and high end features.

3. Android Market is Still Under Development:Androids are relatively new as compared to the iPad which has been ruling the marketplace for almost two years now. This means not many apps can favor the efficacy of Androids and porting is a long-long tale. Making iPad apps compatible for the newbie Android means rewriting the Apple success story from the scratch!

4. iPad is Sensational:If your sales force interacts with the customers, then there is no better symbol of quality than an iPad as it is the coolest. This factor does not come with the Androids any day.

5. iPad Offers the Best Range of Business Apps: iPad offers some remarkable business apps which Android can only dream of supporting. This makes iPad an obvious choice for those who live their businesses more than anything else.