Mozilla is going to launch Firefox 8 officially on November 8th but before that Mozilla has already uploaded the final version for download for Linux, Mac, Windows and on Mozilla’s FTP servers  a couple of days early.

Just six weeks after the launch of Firefox 7, Mozilla is launching Firefox 8 with some more polished features.

Newest version of Firefox will come with a support for searching Twitter messages in the browser’s address bar nut the major new enhancement is that from now onwards, Firefox itself is going to manage third party add-on installations to evade security problems from imprecise extensions.

There are only a small number of the usual Firefox mirror sites having version 8 available and the FTP servers will possibly be hit hard between now and the official release date November 8th. If you can’t wait until November 8, here’s how to get Firefox 8 right now:

For Windows Click here.

For Mac Click here.