Managing an event has many facets to it and when it comes to your wedding, you want to make sure that it is planned with perfection. A marriage is one of the most memorable events in life and you should enjoy it to the fullest than having to worry about managing it. This is where wedding organizer applications help you manage the different sides of your planning such as preparing the guest list, setting the budget and selecting the songs for your wedding.

About Weddigo

Weddigo is a web-based application that helps you manage the tedious task of planning a wedding and making it memorable and enjoyable for everybody present there. This free application has an easy-to-use interface and requires minimal computer skills. It reduces the time required in managing different events during a wedding. With Weddigo, you can plan out your wedding in a relaxed manner. The registration process in very simple and what’s more in this application is that you don’t require to register if you have an existing Facebook account.

Weddigo’s Robust Tools

Weddigo is modular in nature with an array of tools to make your wedding planning easy. Here is the list of eight tools in Weddigo:

  1. Wedding Overview – This is the nerve system of the Weddigo application and gives you an overview of all the different tools that are included in the application. Here you can see the list of different events during your wedding, the guest list, the RSVP messages, budget details, and various other preparations involved in the wedding.
  2. Wedding Guest List – Preparing the guest list is one of the most challenging task in managing a wedding, but with Weddigo by your side this job becomes extremely easy. You can easily add guest to the list along with their contact numbers and other information. You can also search within the guest list easily.
  3. Budget Calculator – Planning a budget is one of the most important things to do in a marriage and with Weddigo you can plan your budget with ease. It has a list of pre-set budget categories where you need to enter raw data for calculation. You can also create your own budget categories and change the pre-set categories according to the expenditures like dresses, decoration, menu, etc.
  4. Table Planning – It is very important to make your guests comfortable at your wedding and this is where table planning comes into play. You can plan the seating arrangements easily using this tool to ensure that the guests would be comfortable following simple rules. Or else, you can choose the free style to set your guests free and if you don’t have any particular seating arrangement in mind.
  5. Electronic RSVP – This tool is very useful to have the guests responses for the availability at the wedding and their special requirements directly in the planner. Here you send an email with a web link and login details to your guests where they fill a simple questionnaire confirming their availability on your wedding day and special requirements if any. Their responses can help you make further plans in the wedding arrangements.
  6. Wedding Checklist – This tool allows you to organize the events at your wedding in proper order. It has a list of useful suggestions organized in time order where you can add items to your wedding. This tool allows you to create multiple checklists for wedding. It includes a calendar where you can set reminders to visit salon, dress designer, wedding venue, etc.
  7. Photography List – How can you even think of ignoring this? You want this special occasion of your life to be documented and Weddigo’s Photography List has a pack of 50 commonly suggested photographs which need to be taken on your Big Day! You can add or delete the photos as per your personal choice. Emailing and printing the photography list is easy through this tool.
  8. Wedding Menu – With the help of this tool, you can easily organize the catering for your wedding. This tool comes in handy in setting the menu to be served to the guests during the wedding and other events. You can create different menu courses based on your taste or use the pre-set ones.

Why Choose Weddigo?

You might be wondering what makes Weddigo stand apart from the rest of the wedding planner applications available in the market. First and foremost, it is a free to use application and extremely user-friendly. It has been developed keeping an average user in mind. Unlike other apps that you register into daily, Weddigo doesn’t send any spam mails to your mailbox. In fact, you can remove your email address once the registration process is complete.

If your Big Day is nearing and you are looking for a solution to plan the event, Weddigo is the perfect tool for you. You will face zero hassles; all your guests will be comfortable at your wedding. So what are you thinking about? It’s time you use it and see the difference. Happy Planning for your wedding!!