Today, almost everyone is using cloud services for storing data. There are a few reasons that are pushing people to start using cloud solutions, and the first is simple laziness. After some thinking it over, I had to confess that I am driven by pure laziness when I decided to use cloud services, though this laziness is healthy. I am just too lazy for copying the tasks and docs from my working computer to the flash drive and then copying them again in the morning or after the evening in order to bring them back to work.

The second reason is security. I am sure that I can store practically anything I wish on the cloud, and no one will have access to these files except me or the people I give my password to. And the third one is flexibility because when I want to access my documents, I don’t have to backup all my files on a hard drive, or onto a flash drive or whatever. I just keep them in one place and have access to them at any time 24/365. It is convenient.

As we know, Windows Phone is gaining popularity in the market, and today I decided to highlight a bit about a small application for Windows Phone, which will help us in storing files even more effectively on the cloud than we do it right now. It is called UniFiles. There is a little info available about it on the Web, so I decided to make a small review concerning its amenities because it is going to be a success. The main features of UniFIles are:

1) Support of multiple accounts – This is just perfect for those who don’t want to pay for their account. Especially when the amount of data is too small to store on it, then it is a perfect decision. Because they just have to register in one more account and can use the free space given to them on it.

2) DropBox and SkyDrive are supported – These two services are more than enough, but the developers promise much more services to be integrated into the software. Yet, as I have already said, DropBox and SkyDrive are more than enough for me.

3) A feature such as unified view of all the drives is present which makes cloud computing much easier, especially when using a lot of accounts.

4) Another feature which is again very convenient is that you can move or copy files from one drive to another without any delays. This is very handy for a common user.

5) File sharing is on a very high level because it lets you share anything you want  via email, social media, and text messages. This is a great option that saves tons of time.

6) Drives, folders and single files can be pinned to the start screen, this saves a lot of time, and is convenient for the users too.

7) The index is cached, this means that the searching for something on the drive is really quick and trouble-free (SkyDrive also included here).

I would like to add one more comment; you can try it for free for 10 days and it costs $1.50. As for me, I have paid this money at once because of pure curiosity and I was happy I did it. The graphical interface is comprehensible and simple which is one more pro here. I am waiting eagerly for more updates in this application, and I think that this is going to be a huge success at that time. As soon as its new version comes out in the market, I will write a detailed review on the new features.

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