As an online vendor, the fact that a viewer will judge your business by looking at your website within 2 seconds seems scary, and especially when there are millions of such websites out there – you don’t want to be one of them.

For a beginner, coming up with a flawless web design from scratch is impossible; the best website designs require extensive research, plan, and thought. Randomly designed websites are bound to fail.

Concocting a perfect magical web design layout is only possible through research if you are trying it yourself, and honestly, odds will be against you. We always suggest hiring a professional web development service because a pro at his worst is far times better than a rookie at his best.

However, you should know about the basics of web design elements in order to provide the developers with an initial sketch. For your ease, we are listing down the five essential web design elements that are must in 2020.

A Catchy Visual Appeal

The Very first glance that a viewer will witness is the design of your website. Appearance matters if you are looking to hook the visitor at first sight.

Initial impressions always matter; a user will take only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website. Therefore, as a web developer, it is your duty to stun the visitors as soon as the web page loads.

Beauty always attracts! A website lacking the visual element will not be able to hook the viewer. We are firm believers that a mediocre service wrapped with appealing design can attract more than a good service with a bad design.

Visuals not only attract the eye, but they also add weight to a website’s credibility.

1. Layout

Websites with clean looking layout are in the trend these days. Gone are the days when websites were filled with cluttered graphics all over. Always go for a grid-based design because then you will be able to ensure the alignment of different elements.

The best website designs are those that have harmony among the elements; therefore, make sure that the images, icons, texts, and every other graphic content should complement each other.

Moreover, the proper use of the negative space will help the developer to gather more attention towards the creative assets and call to action buttons on the page.

2. Modern Graphics

Modern Graphics

Blurry and pixelated graphics can hamper the credibility of a website. It gives a website a rookie feel. The quality of the website depends on clear and tack sharp graphics.

A website with low-quality graphics will lose a potential customer because it failed to please him visually. Such websites are perceived as low quality providing services.

3. Color Theme

A website’s color palette should always complement the brand colors. The preference of the target audience decides the color; if you are catering to a young generation, use vibrant colors; similarly, go for more subdued colors if you are targeting a comparatively mature adult.

Color can be used to make a certain element more dominant; for example, if you want a certain call to action button more attractive and visible, give him a distinctive color, and you’re good to go.

4. Typography

Like the color, fonts are also decided on the basis of your audience. But there are certain aspects of the text that will remain constant, no matter which typeface you choose to use.

  • The size of the font should be clear enough so that it is easily readable.
  • You can use typeface to make certain aspects of the speech to appear more dominant.
  • The color of the text should be decided in contrast with the background so that it can be easily readable.
  • Never use more than three typefaces, or it will confuse the users. Stick to 1 or 2 typefaces.

Fonts can also help brands make their identity. Brands that take their uniqueness seriously always get themselves custom-designed fonts and stick with them until they become a part of their brand identity.

5. Attractive Images

Images are the motivators that encourage the users to scroll down. They are the creative tools that help you meet the expectations of the users.

They can be incorporated in the background and aligned with complimentary graphics, content, and color scheme; they can add a lot of value to your call to action buttons.

Adaptability Of The Website

Adaptability Of The Website

The best website designs are those that can properly function on any device they are browsed on. Be it a tablet, laptop, PC, or smartphone; a brilliant web page provides optimum experience on all these platforms.

According to research, 81% of Americans own a smartphone, and if your website is not optimized for mobile phones, then you are losing a huge chunk of web traffic that will be coming from the smartphone sector.

Moreover, Google has now started to rank websites on the basis of benign mobile-friendly; so if you want to rank better on mobile searches, you need to optimize your website for the ones browsing on a mobile phone.

Website Navigation

A good website is built like a map; it should navigate the consumer to its destination. Otherwise, a potential prospect will leave for competitors’ websites.

No matter how brilliant your services are, if they’re not accessible to the user, then they are good for nothing. Your services are no doubt a treasurer, but the one that needs to be out in the open, not hidden.

The traditional way of putting every option on the top bar is convenient, but it takes quite a bit of room, and if there are a lot of options, then this technique goes obsolete.

The best website designs have Hamburger Menus, which takes the visitor to the place where they want to be. Basically, it is a convenient menu bar, which is actually a blueprint of the entire website.

Strong Call to Action

The sole purpose of a website is to generate leads and turn prospects into customers. The only way it can do so is through a strong call to action.

The best website designs are those that have appealing call-to-action buttons. These buttons can be made attractive by intriguing copy and design elements that are discussed above in detail.

Wrap Up

The year 2020 has announced the dominance of the digital era. In order to be an inspiring digital entity, you need a fully functioning digital outlet.

If you need nothing but the best web design elements for your digital headquarters, then make sure your website has all the elements that have been discus