Social Media: An user takes a mere 0.05 seconds to judge your website. Can your web developer create a site that can attract your customers? Find out with these eleven pointers.

Social Media for Web Developers

A well-designed website has a robust structure and impeccable functionality. The development process includes planning, analysis, coding, visualization, and aesthetics. For professional sites, the software builders also emphasize speed, utility, and deference. So, while hiring a web developer, you cannot be casual or negligent.

Otherwise, the company’s brand value and profitability will take a hit. It would be best not to make a hasty decision and pick the first available software designer. Be professional and hire a consultant or company based on these significant considerations:

Top 10 Criteria For Choosing A Web Developer

1. Do Some Research


Searching on Google will throw up random names and businesses. Yes, you can carry out specific, location-based searches. But hiring web developers based on physical proximity is not a necessity in this genre. Many online designers have a formidable reputation and excellent skills, so do not blindly pick the first Google ad or the first search result.

Alternatively, you can rely on a professional network of associates. Social media platforms are also excellent places to carry out research. Developer forums, freelance work sites, free job portals, and tech talent agencies are good choices. You will discover fresh and exciting designers here.

2. Know Your Requirements

Requirements for Hiring a Web Developer

Modern websites cannot and should not be built without a clear idea. You have to ascertain the goals, preferences, and priorities. Engage a software consultant after clarifying these two key issues:

  • Business Needs

Your company will have a unique set of business requirements. Identify them clearly to carve out a niche on the internet. Dig deeper into the online store products, branding, marketing, and content-related aspects. These insights can help in hiring a web developer who is appropriate and capable.

  • Technical Objectives

Form a vision team and create a checklist of designer elements. These include logo, banner, images, font sizes, menus, color schemes, etc. You should also take stock of the number of pages, sitemap, file or draft copies, and social media widgets.

3. Have A Budget


When you plan a budget, keep the fixed and on-going cost in mind. A website needs regular maintenance, updates, and others. These include the on-going overheads. The initial cost of development, including the payment for the website developer, is the fixed cost. Never hire a website developer before determining the capital costs and fees. Many designers offer a free quote with the estimated prices. Check if they are transparent and flexible.

Choose an affordable development company that offers hourly and project rates. They offer customized services that fit your budget. Learn the project’s cost from different vendors and check by taking their experience and expertise into account.

4. Range Of Services

While hiring a web developer, look for experience, competence, and high-quality services. The reliable companies usually offer a wide range of options to assist a diverse clientele. They do not compromise on efficiency as they possess superior project management skills. Such consultants do not stick to standard templates, themes, and designer features.

They build contemporary websites with seamless functionality and exquisite composition. These experts also use the latest coding tools and technologies. And their services include consultancy, design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support services. Please check their proficiency in domain registration, social media campaigns, SEO, and SEM marketing.

5. Testimonials And Samples


The online IT consultancy market is large and fiercely competitive. Also, many freelance designers are open for business. So, hiring a web developer can become a very challenging and confusing task. Everyone would look like an expert with a professional website, flowery description, and good technical knowledge. But, the most eligible proof is their past work.

Yes, it would help if you looked out for testimonials of previous customers. You can ask the designers to produce sample work. You can study them to ascertain the design techniques and coding skills. And you can always search third-party review sites and customer forums for information on a company’s ratings, reviews, and rankings.

6. Expectations And Communications

Designers who do not stay in touch with the client are not of much help. As a customer, you have the right to demand accountability. So, hire a professional or company that is responsible, friendly, and communicative. Have a one-on-one talk about specifying all your expectations in unambiguous terms. Be clear about future meeting schedules, location, progress reports, etc.

7. Ownership And Contracts


Be professional and formal while hiring a web developer. It is best to have a formal contract and co-sign a web design agreement. The contract should have details of ownership, obligations, budget, and deadline. These terms and conditions (T&C) should firmly affix your and the designer’s obligations and expectations.

It is a regulatory option to define the statement of work. And as such, the legal document binds the client and designer. It is essential for preventing any future complications, confusion, or discontent.

8. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The quality of a website depends on its superior features and utility. They include unique brand logos, custom illustrations, professional-grade photos, and compelling interfaces (UI). Also, the code should be bug-free with adequate back-end storage and other functions. Always hire website developers who guarantee relevant and grammatically correct content. If you plan an e-commerce site, focus on stunning catalogs, secure payment gateways, and user-friendly interfaces.

9. Have A Launch Plan

The website development needs a timeline to stay on track. Deadlines and time-bound practices are crucial to achieving this objective. So, have a well-defined launch date while hiring web developers. It will help the designers to test the project modules and deploy the website, as per a schedule. You should also have a marketing strategy to create a buzz and attract more visitors to the site. And a company that also offers digital advertising and web hosting services is ideal for this plan.

10. Support Services

Support hiring a web developer

Finally, hire website developers who also deliver prompt customer services. Support and maintenance operations are vital in the long run. They help you troubleshoot problems and manage a flawless website. These are essential for business continuity, essential system updates, and security upgrades. Ensure that the company’s support team is available via email, phone call, online chat, social media, video call, etc.

Make sure to avoid cutting corners to save a couple of bucks. 88% of your visitors with a bad experience will not return to your site. So, make sure to pick a reliable and proficient website developer.