Many companies around the globe have started migrating their servers and storing them in warehouses away from the office building, there are many reasons why they do this and one big factor is the big savings they make!

Types Of Colocation

There are three types of Colocation, the first is what the majority of the businesses have, and that is rack mount space. Rack mount space means your server will be placed in a rack along with everyone else’s server, see image below.

This is all safe and secure, most warehouses house them in cabinets that can only be opened with a pin typed into the keypad for that particular server. The other type of space available is the cage, this is where bigger companies rent a whole cage for all of their servers, for example a business may have 20-30 servers.

This type of hosting is very secure behind the steel cage, it is also protected by a keypad entry system. Some Colocation companies will allow businesses to rent the entire warehouse, this is mainly for massive organisations such as Google, Ebay, Paypal who all have their own data centres.

The Security

The security measures in these places are extremely high, you can have heat sensors and round the clock CCTV. There are also sprinklers and advanced fire systems, lockdown rooms and more! There is no doubt your servers will be completely secure and able to stay online 24 hours a day. Colocation companies also have some outside security such as guards, the staff at managed locations must gain entry through many different security checks such as metal detectors, pin codes and badge checks.

The Savings

The savings your company could make by using a data centre are astronomical, you will no longer need to employ an IT department. The cost of employing a team to work around the clock to babysit your servers is pretty high, lets face it, how about all of the electricity bills? It all adds up. Colocation centres charge just one monthly fee, and that is for everything. If you go with a managed data centre then it also means you get the support right along with it, the costs can vary depending how many servers your company has, but it will still save you a significant amount of revenue.

Author Bio: Tim Pat Dufficy is the managing director and founder of Server Space Limited, which provides hosting and connectivity services for various sectors. Clients include NBC Universal, Recipero LTD and Jurys Inns Hotel Group.