It is hard to find affordable high end phones in this day and age. Cellphones are one of the necessities of humans to live in this fast and modern world. The most affordable option to buy smartphones is online. Pre-used or refurbished smartphones are the perfect deal for those who want to buy affordable high end smartphones. It is important to know what to consider in buying high end smartphones.

Here are the slight descriptions that could make you decide what smartphone to buy:

iPhone 5


The iPhone 5 is a cellphone where you can take pictures, connect to the internet and have a GPS whenever or wherever. The iPhone 5 is the best offering of the Apple Company to those who want a phone with an operating system made by Apple or most people know as iOS. You can always have pre-used phones like iPhone 5 but be sure that it is working properly. You can always check online about pre-used, cheaper and refurbished smartphones. The iPhone 5 is one of the best phones Apple has released.

Samsung Galaxy S4


To counter-attack Apple products, Samsung has released a high end cellphone of their own. It can also give the same features as that of the Apple’s but with a cheaper price and different operating system. The operating system in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is Google’s operating system named Android. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most affordable option in the catalogue. There are also online pre-used, upgraded and refurbished smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the latest phones out in the market. If ever the battery fails after using it for a long period of time, you can always see buy a cell phone battery online.



HTC has also released their version to compete with Apple and Samsung called HTC One. HTC One is also available online with its pre-used and upgraded versions. It also has an operation system of Google’s Android operating systems. The only different thing here is the quality. HTC is known to be a brand of quality and not affordability. Although this is a case, everyone can always check online for more affordable options like pre-used or refurbished smartphones. You can also buy the cell phone battery if ever you find a defect after many years. HTC One is one of HTC’s finest phones out today.

Sony L36H

Sony L36H

Sony L36H can also provide the same experience. It is not as affordable as that of Samsung but it is also known for its high quality. It also has the operating system of Google’s Android operating systems. The only difference it has is its picture quality which is high definition. Since Sony is known for the Sony Bravia, we can expect that Sony can deliver the promise of this phone, not just the quality of its mortality but also of its graphics. Pre-used and refurbished smartphones like a refurbished Sony L36H can be found online. Sony L36H is one of the best phones that belong to the XPeria collection. After many years of using these, cell phone battery is also available online for replacement.