It is not unusual to be anxious about updating to the following version of an operating system on launch day. In other words, if you have not switched to Windows 8 till now, you are not unaccompanied. Upgrades uses to be tensed with glitches and prospective risks that could reduce an impeccably good machine seamlessly unusable, all in the name of having the next-best-thing. Luckily, that is not the case with Windows 8.1 as it is very much value the installation if you are using Windows 8 already on your desktop or laptop or tablet.

If you are considering for a few good reasons to update to Windows 8.1, we have got them for you in this post.

Windows 8 Tutorials

We will initiate off with the major letdown of Windows 8, and how Microsoft transported in a massive way with Windows 8.1. The first time you boot a Windows 8 machine you get a big screen with a background that is continually fluctuating colors with reassuring announcements about how your system is nearly ready for use. Mixed in with that is a rapid blurb about how the new start menu functions, but that is all you catch. This was an enormous deal for Windows users who have gone from a User-Interface that has been around for well over a period to a totally fresh “Modern User-Interface” setup. There was very petite description, and on a desktop or laptop it could take a little time for the user to figure it out on their own. Obstruction was in elevation in the initial days of Windows 8.

Windows 8 tutorials

Windows 8.1 customers are welcomed with huge communicating arrows that describe how many of the features work. You get one for the Start button and a transitory interpreter of how the Start Page works. You will get one for the Charm Bar and a short-term interpreter of why that subsists, and you get one for the multitasking feature in Modern User-Interface, which is a huge deal for some.

Improved Start page

Loads of users got thrilled about the reappearance of the Start button, and while that makes sense in the Desktop space, there is a much superior modification comprising the Start Page that you should be eager about. The Start Page in Windows 8 was fundamentally one big ribbon of squares, and consolidating it took a long time. The more applications you had put in, the elongated the ribbon got. Windows 8.1 starts off with a barebones setup with very limited icons on it and an arrow leading to all of your settings and applications below. This setup will permit you a lot more flexibility and a lot less work. Moreover, the wallpaper on the Start Page can be customized with whatsoever design you adore

Improved Modern UI Multitasking

One of the truly cool features to come from the new Modern User-Interface was the facility to set applications up in a split screen mode. You could have a Modern User-Interface application open in one third of the screen and whatsoever from a browser to the Desktop open in the other two thirds. This has become a truly cool feature for loads of users, particularly those who used applications like Twitter or email and desired to keep them open deprived of allowing them take over the rest of the system. Unluckily, in Windows 8 you could only split the screen into thirds.

Windows 8.1 has augmented the functionality of the screen split, letting a couple of applications to split the screen. The prior employment was worthy for minor applications, but now you can split just about any application and share it with anything else in your system. This is mainly beneficial for Xbox games or Xbox Smart Glass if you are sharing with the Skype or Desktop. This is a great system for multi-tasking once you have accustomed to using it, but new users will catch it weird at first since the Modern UI applications act slightly in a different way than out-of-date desktop applications.

Boot to Desktop

Boot to Desktop

Maybe all of the new Start Page features just are not sufficient for you to upkeep about Modern User-Interface. You are not unaccompanied. With Android and iOS nearby, Microsoft has a long way to go to make this involvement truly great, and if you are trapped with a keyboard and mouse, the whole interface can still feel a slight difficult. So, Modern User-Interface is not your item. Luckily, you can just start straightforward to the Desktop in Windows 8.1.