Apple’s latest version of OS X is just around the corner, with many engaging bets that it will be made available for users next week at the company’s October 22 media event.

All marks point to it: OS X Mavericks was progressed to Gold Master status prior this month and introduced to developers, which means that the company has authoritatively confirmed it for user release.

Apple has publicized Mavericks, which it revealed in June this year, as its most powerful OS and the most power competent. The operating system gives laptops and supported devices Locator Tabs, multiple display menus, iBooks support, and even on-screen notifications.

Before OS X Mavericks made available to users though, take a look at 10 awesome OS X design concepts — several of them which have been motivated by Apple’s new iOS 7 appearance.

iOS 7 has been a comprehensive refurbishment for Apple, design-wise. From the fonts, to the icons, to the transition effects and further than — all looks changed in iOS 7 — and it is no spectacle why people are intense to grasp what Apple will change for its OS X look. Here’s a peek at 10 amazing design concepts that have been socializing on the Internet.

1. The Next Mac OS by Edgar Rios


2. OS X Ivericks by Stu Crew

2. OS X Ivericks by Stu Crew

3. OS X 11 – Inspired by iOS 7 (Safari) by Saif Aslam

3. OS X 11–Inspired by iOS 7 Safari by Saif Aslam

4. iTunes 12 concept by Anton Kovalev

4. iTunes 12 concept by Anton Kovalev

5. Mavericks Notification Center Concept by Gustav Kjellin

5. Mavericks Notification Center Concept by Gustav Kjellin


6. OS X 10.9 Mavericks – Concept Art by Franco Creations

6. Mavericks–Concept Art by Franco Creations


7. OS X Mail Redesign by r2ds

7. OS X Mail Redesign by r2ds


8. OS XI Kehena Concept by Ohsneezeme

8. OS XI Kehena Concept by Ohsneezeme


9. OS X Concept by Mathieu Chabod 

9. OS X Concept by Mathieu Chabod


10. New Mac OS X Family by Vitali Zakharoff